Chip Verco – Hit back techno

Thierry Vercouter, better known as Chip Verco was born and raised in Belgium. At the age of 20 Chip
Verco spent some hard-earned money on a Roland MC-303 and a mixer and started Djing with live
performances at parties and making innovate mix tapes. His first gig was at Rumba Leuven. He did live
techno performances at clubs such Boccaccio Beach, Little Ibiza, Stubru and many more. Because of his
open format live techno activities he also took a part as a live techno performer at different fashion
shows and private events.
He started off as an acid DJ. A few years later he experimented with house music by producing few
tracks. However he didn’t stayed long in that genre but moved forward and found himself in techno.
That took him to a larger DJ scene such as festivals, dancing clubs and as a guest dj/producer at different
radio shows. As a techno live performer/producer he leverage new capabilities performing open
Chip Verco has been professional techno live performer for over 20 years in a meanwhile producing
techno himself. He released his tracks on a different labels including Strohm Records, MTZ Noir, Lipstick
His track “Ein, Zwei, Drei” become popular at European electronic music scene and was played on Studio
Brussels – national radio of Belgium.
Chip Verco always pays attention to what the crowd wants. Every day is a learning experience for him,
always growing his professional live performer/producer capability.

Live set on The Ambassadors, Argentina 21.03.2020

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