Salva Stigler – T-shirt (Original Mix)


Salva Stigler is another in a series of excellent Italian producers of modern underground electronic music.
His fascination with this kind of dub techy grooves has developed more than a decade ago, and with his performances Salva managed to tickle the biggest names of electronic music such as Luciano, Marco Carola, Audiofly, Nic Fanciulli, etc.
After a very successful appearance on Baile Premium Mood Series, and EP on Silver Edition, Salva is presenting his first solo LP album.
This time, Salva presents a very modern variant of minimal techno with a touch of house. A clean and groovy minimal techno, simple passes through brakes and great atmosphere. Salva places special emphasis on smoothness and simpilicty.
Retrofuture album is an inherent combination of hard work, everlasting music experience and an exceptional talented.

Hipodrome Podcast 016 – Dunkeltier


This is the recording of Dunkeltier’s aka SneakerDJ  session at the pre-party for the STRCamp festival in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2014.
Dunkeltier is going deep into obscure things (edits that will come on Macadam Mambo Edits Rec. and Rat Life Rec.), then turning into sweet uptempo synth tunes.

mix & interview

New Ep By N-qia “Supertrump EP” // Ref kraft 0.51

Cover copia


N-qia is eclectic electronic pop duo from Tokyo.1st full album “Fringe Popcical “was released from Virgin Babylon Records by world’send girlfriend.
Released an album “nocturnals”by co-work with harold nono as haq
from bearsuit records(UK)
Also there are online releases from netlabels like Audiokult(Wien) Bunkai-Kei Records(Tokyo), Mercedes-Benz Mixtape series(Germany) La bel netlabel(Italy) elementperspective(Japan)

N-qia brings Supertrump EP with retro folky pop song,to mazed strings harmony,in the end glittering electronica flow under super complicated vocal processing.
it could represents technological and cultural organic chaos in Tokyo city.



Track list Ep

02.notes from beyond


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