Taking place in the Netherlands from 14th – 16th January 2010, EuroSonic Noorderslag will transform the city of Groningen into a melting pot of Europe’s best new European talent, ready to be discovered by both music lovers as industry professionals. Which band is your tip for the top in 2010?

Eurosonic confirmed artists – Thur 14th & Fri 15th January:

Adam Tenstra (sw)
Adiam Dymott (se)
Agent Fresco (is)
And So I Watch You From Afar (ie)
Annie (no)
Audrey Horne (no)
Bernhoft (no)
Beth Jeans Houghton (uk)
CALLmeKAT (dk)
Calibro 35 (it)
Catpeople (es)
Chapel Club (uk)
Choir of Young Believers (dk)
Clara Clara (fr)
Customs (be)
Daniel Norgren (sw)
De Läb (lu)
Deolinda (pt)
donkeyboy (no)
Ellie Goulding (uk)
Everything Everything (uk)
Fagget Fairys (dk)
FM Belfast (ic)
Frittenbude (de)
Glamour of the Kill (uk)
Gösta Berlings Saga (se)
Imelda May (ie)
Isbells (be)
I Was A King (no)
Izia (fr)
Jasper Erkens (be)
Jesse (fi)
Joensuu 1685 (fi)
Keep of Kalessin (no)
Kilians (de)
Kill The Dandies! (cz)
Kirtana Rasa (es)
Kreisky (au)
Lee Everton (ch)
Long Distance Calling (de)
Los Campesinos (uk)
Lucy Love (dk)
Major Parkinson (no)
Mari Boine (no)
Maria Timm (dk)
Maskinen (sw)
Mazgani (pt)
MeNeO (es)
Monolithic (no)
MVSC (be)
Name The Pet (se)
Negrita (it)
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (gl)
Óriás (hu)
Orka (fo)
Pegasus (ch)
Pony the Pirate (no)
Pony Pony Run Run (fr)
Post War Years (uk)
Robin Tom Rink (de)
Rockettothesky (no)
Schlachthofbronx (de)
Shining (no)
Serena Maneesh (no)
Sometree (de)
Soma (fr)
Sivert Höyem (no)
Sliimy (fr)
Stevans (ch)
Svjata Vatra (ee)
The Chapman Family (uk)
The Hickey Underworld (be)
The Leisure Society (uk)
The Low Frequency in Stereo (no)
The Megaphonic Thrift (no)
Turzi (fr)
Ungdomskulen (no)
VUK (fi)
Wardruna (no)
Wareika (de)
We Were Promised Jetpacks (uk)
Wickeda (bg)
Young Guns (uk)

In total over 200 acts will perform during EuroSonic.

Noorderslag confirmed artists – Sat 16th January;

Aux Raus Deluxe (nl)
Awkward I (nl)
Benjamin Herman (nl)
Daily Bread (nl)
Destine (nl)
De Staat (nl)
DeWolff (nl)
Flinke Namen (nl)
Go Back To The Zoo (nl)
Juju & Jordasch (nl)
Knalpot (nl)
Knobsticker (nl)
Kraantje Pappie (nl)
Laura Jansen (nl)
Mdungu (nl)
Moke (nl)
Moss (nl)
Promo (live) & Guests (nl)
Rigby (nl)
The Mad Trist (nl)
Tim Knol (nl)
Typhoon feat. New Cool Collective (nl)
Valerius (nl)
Waylon (nl)
Zwart Licht (nl)

Over 50 Dutch acts will perform at Noorderslag.

More information can be found on

The conference is organised by Buma Cultuur, by appointment of The Noorderslag Foundation.

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