Faithless – New Album “The Dance”

With the full force of a band as hungry as when they set out fifteen years ago (before they’d racked up 10 million record sales), new album “The Dance” drops on May 14th, and for the first time will come through Faithless’ own label Nate’s Tunes.

“The Dance” sees Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo reach the bar that their back-cat sets so high, and Maxi reckons it’s “chock-a-block with dance tunes which we hope will be the soundtrack to many Saturday nights for a while to come.”

First single “Not Going Home” (April 30th), already Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune, is a stadium-like club symphony, a 7 minute sonic call-to-arms; “Feel Me” pulls vocals from synth-poppers Blancmange’s 1982 track of the same name, turning Neil Arthur’s voice into the cries of a maniac with a mic; “Crazy Bal’heads” is chilled post-club perfection; and Faithless family member Dido lends her shimmering tones to “Feeling Good”. Also getting in the vocal booth for tracks on the album “The Dance” are Dougy Mandagi (The Temper Trap), Itch (The King Blues) and classical singer Mia Maestro.

Their influence from being at the top of the pile for a decade and a half is easy to spot these days: think Calvin Harris’ recent number 1 or the countless tracks with a house groove, riff and rapper, Faithless’ signature sound adopted by many, bettered by none.

And with a new record, comes a new chance to see a band who have inspired awe in even the most jaded gigger. The full Faithless live experience will be exploding on stages around Europe and the UK throughout May with special fan shows before the festival run.

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