Dash Berlin feat. Solid Sessions – Janeiro – Armada

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As the year 2010 approaches its summer at full speed, Dash Berlin is making sure to provide its soundtrack. ‘Janeiro’, featuring the early millennium legends of Solid Sessions, is the fifth hit single from his debut album ‘The New Daylight’. A 10-year old classic with the new Dash Berlin sound written all over it.

The Flying Dutchman has had one wild ride of a year so far. Recent highlights include his completely sold out, solo show in Mexico City rocking a steaming crowd of thousands and off course his much applauded sets at ‘ASOT 450’ in Bratislava and at ‘The Future Stage’ of Trance Energy in The Netherlands. With a firm position in the top 10 of ‘most influential people in Trance’ in the ‘We Follow’ Twitter chart and his steady climb to the current ‘number 17 deejay of the world’ spot as voted by the members of The DJ List, things seem to be going faster then a red Ferrari for Mr. Berlin.

Aside from his epic DJ adventures, Dash has touched the quality Trance-seeking souls with his firstcompilation album ‘United Destination 2010’, which can easily be described a crystal clear reflection of a typical Dash Berlin DJ set. A sound well appreciated by the public and the press, considering Dash’s collab with Australian singer Emma Hewitt, ‘Waiting’, won the International Dance Music Award for ‘Best Hi-NRG/Euro Track’ in Miami.

Standstill is a word that can’t be found in the Dash Berlin story, but the fifth single of his ‘The New Daylight’ album does freshen up your memory. In collaboration with the original producers of ‘Janeiro’, Solid Sessions, Dash Berlin shook this unforgettable, sun-drenched classic to a 2010-fit treat for the ears.

And it’s a tasty package indeed. The Dash Berlin 4AM Mix gets your energy level up, no matter what place or time, it’s the experimental big room sound that matters here. San’s remix underlines the easygoing, feel-good character of ‘Janeiro’ in a deep prog-housy remix. The Dutch duo of Signum give away the perfect example of Balearic trance, while Dutchman Sander van Dien of First State hands in his second Dash Berlin remix so far. After his massive remix for ‘Waiting’, ‘Janeiro’ received another warm, prog-trancy treatment, capturing the soul of the track.
Undoubtedly you’ll be dancing to this classic again this summer.

01. Janeiro (Original Mix)
02. Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix)
03. Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4AM Dub Mix)
04. Janeiro (Signum Remix)
05. Janeiro (First State Remix)
06. Janeiro (San Remix)
07. Janeiro (Radio Edit)


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