Claude VonStroke – Bird Brain Remixes – final chapter

The final chapter of VonStroke’s limited vinyl album remixes features some seriously low end.

Remix #1 is one the favorites of the entire project. Claude met Brazil’s DJ Marky on an artist bus at a UK festival last summer and gave him the track “Aundy.” He asked him to do a mix and Marky and his friend S.P.Y. turned in this amazing drum n bass version. Numerous artists have been dropping it even in the middle of house sets! It really captures the drum n bass feeling of the original track taking it back to the genre which inspired it.

Remix #2 is from our up and coming Bristol based bass prodigy, Julio Bashmore. He takes on “California” the co-production by CVS and J Phlip to another level, adding smooth low end Bukem style bass drops and shimmery vox/pad programming to the already insane track. Bashmore is one of the few new breed of UK producers who cross over all the way from house to dubstep.

Remix #3 is from our new slow cooked super group, Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos. These guys really nail it down at just under 120 BPM. This mix is so rich and creamy you will want to get a second piece.

Label: dirtybird
Artist: Claude VonStroke
Title: Bird Brain Remixes
Release date: Beatport May 26th. 2010

1: Aundy – (DJ Marky & S.P.Y. Remix)
2: California (Julio Bashmore Remix) – Claude VonStroke & J Phlip
3: Aundy (Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos

DJ Feedback:
RIVA STARR – best remix package from Vonstroke’s album!
Julio Bashmore – big love for these vibes
Tim Green – great release!! Tanners and Sergio’s remix is spot on!! and Marky’s is awesome! Loved it since Barclay played it at Watergate.
catz n dogz / 3channels – AMAZING !!! /greg
daniel.fx – great. tanner ross and bashmore rmxes are relly cool!
catz n dogz / 3channels – Julio bashmore this guy is on fire!!! tanner and sergio also perfect for afterhour voitek catz n dogz
Mike Monday – rockin Nat Self – Inside the ride. watch out. Brings back merorys of a time when drum and bass ruled my life – ahhh Can’t say i”ll ever play the marky and s.p.y mix but is nice.
Fine Cut Bodies (Biscuit Reality) – nice diverse pack again!
Ralf Kollmann – julio bashmore! i like.
heidi – finally…..been waiting for this d&b version to come out for ages……..Bomb track!!!
mathias schaffhäuser – great remix package, all mixes are nice and special. will play + chart + maybe review.
Behrouz – this is some sirous bass line, will play both Aundy, for my new Radio show on sirius XM and also California. thank you
ptoile – i love the original. i love the remixes.. favourite one tanner and sergio.. hugs
Subb-an – like the deepness and the beats on the tanner ross & sergio santos remix. thanks
Sacha Robotti // Robosonic DJ Team – hehe nice
Johnny Fiasco – Ross & Santos Remix is off the shizzle!!
Ed Karney – Big support on Juli Bashmore’s remix
Stephan Hinz – Great package! DJ Marky & Spy Remix is a killer! Wicked!
deetron – I’ve been a huge fan of Aundy and how good are those remixes! Tanner Ross/Santos for me.
Tom The Jedi – i Aundy is a landmark record in the scene, it’s inspired me to get the 808 kick for Basslines rolling again! Marky & S.P.Y. mix is class! Will also be spinning Ross+Santos mix and Basmore mix of California.
morris audio – nice to see different styles on one record!
Nico De Ceglia – Nice remixes. The DJ Marky one is strong.
DJ Neoteric – Bashmore can do no wrong! BASS!
laurent garnier – great mix by Marky – Also really like the mix by Julio Bashmore Will play this a lot
Chaim – Cool Stuff !
joe ransom – loving the downtemp mix of Aundy by Tanner and Sergio, cheers!
Marco Resmann – that drum ‘n bass mix is pretty cool!

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