Shermanology – The Weather

Sometimes fame is accidental, and often it is little indication of raw talent. Sometimes though, talent is simply in the genes, ingrained into an individual’s genetics in such a way that a glittering music career seems almost inevitable. This is the case twice over for brother and sister Andy and Dorothy Sherman, otherwise known as the force of nature that is Shermanology.

Born into a musical family (their dad and uncle were the Sherman Brothers) the siblings have been immersed in the business pretty much since birth. Each has made their individual mark on the musical world – Dorothy gigged all over Europe singing motown and Andy sung for UK garage band Artful Dodger, replacing Craig David. But it is undeniably since they have teamed up that the full force of their talent has been realised. As Andy says – ‘It all came together and clicked like Lego blocks’.

New tune The Weather is their first lead release from Flamingo Recordings. Funkerman the Founder of Flamingo Recordings is no stranger working with the pair. They have previously contributed their considerable vocal talents to Funkerman’s Automatic as well as laying down the vocals for the recently announced Now or Never producers contest. The Weather is a pop-infused house record that demonstrates perfectly the duo’s vocal capabilities as well as a talent for turning out perfectly constructed dancefloor tunes. Catchy, optimistic and instantly endearing, this tale of sticking together and seeing out the tough times is guaranteed to stick in your head.
The killer vocal hooks and the effortless bridge between dancefloor stomper and radio-friendly structure means you’ll be singing it in the shower, raving to it in your car as well as smashing it on the dancefloor when the bassline kicks in. The rich vocals mean that wherever you hear it, the tune’s killer chorus will be rolling round your head for days.

The mighty fine remixes comes courtesy of Youri Donatz & Franky Rizardo and Shermanology & Dave Moreaux. The single is available to download from today on,,, and all other online retailers.

DJ Comments:

David Vendetta: Good track, will play the original
Agent Greg: Such a nice vocal, very nice release!!
Jesse Voorn: : Lovin it!
Chris Shepherd: I really like the original
Kid Massive: Nice mix from Youri Donatz & Franky Rizardo!
D.O.N.S.: Like it, good energy!
Filthy Rich: Shermanology mix is rocking… Donatz & Rizardo mix also very playable…top stuff!
DJ Skai: Play it loud @ Cocoon club Frankfurt. Keep up the good work!!
Dave Whelan: Nice tempo about the track, good energy, will support
Groovenatics: Great tracks!
Soulcandi: Solid support on this remix of Youri Donatz & Franky Rizardo. Full Support.

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