Hanneman – Not Human EP Kolombo, Tom Pooks and Juan Sanchez remixes

A young and already talented producer who brings us back to the robotic field of electronic music with his strong EP, including two originals “Not Human” and “Collective Memory”, the first one being wonderfully remixed by our friends Kolombo & Tom Pooks, as well as Juan Sanchez.

Born in Mexico in 1976 from a dutch father and mexican mother, Hanneman starts his way through music learning violin as well as drums and guitar before he discovered electronic music as a teenager.. The passion of mixing caught him right away. The knowledge of dancefloors and his musicien background leads him naturally into the world of production..

Some Feedbacks :

Laurent Garnier: i like Colective Memory and Juan Sanchez’smix Will play those
Chloe: excellent ep, avec une préference pr la version originale de ‘not human’. le rmx de Kolombo est super bien, super ambiance. tom pooks rmx un peu plus tek très bien aussi et le juan sanchez bien aussi.
Anja Schneider : nice one
Andrade : Superbe EP 9/10 !!!!!
Arnaud Le Texier: Kolombo for his bootleg remix… funny one… Afficher davantage
Stuart McMillan (slam): Juan Sanchez mix fits best with me
Malakili : kolombo remix is the one.
Dimitri Andreas : Cool! Kolombo remix… funky as hell!
Vincent Giumelli : Not human Juan Sanchez remix is the best for me, i like kolombo remix too kiss!
Master-H: Great Package Like that…Thanx!
F.E.X : original is wicked
Arram Mantana: Kolombo’s remix is fun. Nice darkness vibe in Tom Pooks remix.
Arnaud Le Texier: Kolombo for his bootleg remix… funny one
Shinedoe: downloaded for shinedoe
tom pooks: yeeeees
Sleepy & Boo (Sullivan Room / Basic NYC / New York): Some of our favorite names on this EP on one of our favorite labels. Loving Kolombo’s take with his loopy groove and the vocal, but Juan Sanchez’s punchy “Dutch” treatment wins for the dancefloor. Great stuff throughout.
jerome pacman: Kolombo remix all the way..
Roberto Rodriguez : Loving the Kolombo remix! Will be spinning it!
Santorini: Kolombo remix is my cup of tea
Jose Luis Soler : Very good.Thanks
Manu-L : …kalombo remix is the one for me! tnx!
ali kuru : support! thanks
Murray Richardson : juan sanchez mix on this is top notch! – will be playing this mix for sure!
Alexkid : not really my style , but I have to say the original is very cool
Martin Eyerer : pooks rocks it!!
Corrie: Juan Sanchez Remix the one for me Thanks
Mike Spirit : Love original, kolombo and tomyboy remixes!
James Teej: the kolombo remix is hot, will play
Dj Zorkin : Im not human too
electric rescue : original is for me and also t.pooks one cool tracks :) electric rescue
Nacho Marco (Loudeast, OM, Pacha, Freerange): Kolombo remix for me ! So good !
Arno GONZALEZ: All “Not Human” version are nice, the vocal rocks !… Not really into “Collective Memory”. THANKS!
Yaya (Desolat) : Kolombo remix is the best track for me in this Ep
Alland Byallo : Kolombo remix is FAT! I can’t wait to wear the digital grooves off that cut! The rest is totally not for me but you dont have to include that in your feedback sheet :)
Nicolas Masseyeff : Nice package !!! Original is the one for me here.. will play it !!! Supernova : Hi guys thanks for the promo. Nice release but a bit dark for us. Peace
Fafa Monteco: Kolombo’s one for me, directly in my box !
Eric Stark : Whoooosh! What a brainwash!! absolutly love it!! Hard to choose one favorite but Collective Memory and Kolombo’s remix stand out from the rest. Again a great EP on Robotronic!
Gwen Maze: nice EP! my fav. are Not human original and Kolombo Rmx
The Alpha Rhythm: Not Human – Kolombo Rmx is the one for me!!!
Gab Fetu : it sure will make them dance!!!!
Rambaud Ludovic ONLY FOR DJ’s Magazine: L’original balance un beat binaire qui contraste avec une basse qui fait des bulles et une voix masculine qui parle… C’est brut et épur… Afficher davantageé. Kolombo tourne ça de manière funky, Juan Sanchez pose un beat housy à l’ancienne avec un gimmick électro-tech qui sent le déjà vu mais qui marche bien. Enfin, Tom Pooks appuie sur un kick sourd et nous plonge ensuite dans une ambiance sombre, hypnotique et angoissante. Dark ! (LU)
Pepperpot : Sorry for the late feedback. I’m not sure i’ll play it but the track and flow on the original mix is well done.

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