Various Artists – Curle 25: So Far (So Good) – Curle Recordings Belgium

Launched in 2006 by Belgian DJ Fader, Curle Recordings functions as a source for all things deep techno and beyond. Early releases from artists like Mark August, Dub Kult, Efdemin and Anthony Collins, saw Curle shoot to success, with Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin licensing Curle tracks for their own mix compilations. 2008 marked the release of Curle’s first CD – ‘Carry On, Pretend We’re Not In The Room’, mixed by long-standing Curle affiliate, Efdemin. Released to international critical acclaim, the mix was selected by Resident Advisor as one of the top mix CDs of the past decade. 2009 brought Martyn, Soulphiction and Convextion into the Curle family, with Martyn’s remix of Efdemin’s ‘Acid Bells’ providing the label with its first crossover hit, earning support from artists as diverse as Marcel Dettman, Boys Noize, Giles Peterson, and Mr. Scruff.

With the label being a mere four years old, ‘So Far (So Good)’ is not so much a ‘best of’, but a double disc collection of the biggest tracks released on Curle up until this point. Selected by label head Fader, the music chosen for the first disc includes original tracks by Efdemin, Mark August, and Anthony Collins, as well as remixes from Martyn, 2000 And One, John Beltran and tobias. Also featured is the previously unreleased Atom TM remix of Soul Center. Tracks from Curle’s sub-divisional labels Métisse (a source for remixes of tracks that have already appeared on Curle’s main imprint) and Petite (a sub-division created to license and re-release forgotten tracks) are also included on the compilation.

The second CD comes as an mp3 disc featuring 3 DJ mixes featuring tracks exclusively from the Curle catalogue – over four hours of music in total. With DJ mixes from Anthony Collins, Peter Van Hoesen, and Fader, each mix allows the artists to provide listeners with their vision of what Curle represents. All three mixes hold an additional unique touch – Anthony Collins & Fader’s mixes feature currently unreleased tracks from artists like Lee Van Dowski, Los Updates and DJ Qu, and Peter Van Hosen edited a number of the tracks for his mix in order to fit perfectly within his vision of a DJ set.

So far 2010 has seen releases on Curle from visionary producer Thomas Brinkmann and fast rising Brussels-based talent Peter Van Hoesen, as well as the first few dates of the new Curle residency at the longstanding Belgian techno institution Fuse. Following this compilation will be releases from Nina Kraviz, DJ Qu, and Jonas Kopp.

– – – – TRACKLISTING – – – –

01. Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix)
02. Anthony Collins – Reeves
03. Thomas Brinkmann – Isch (Soulphiction Remisch)
04. Anthony Collins – Another Lonely Night (Radio Edit)
05. Denis Karimani – Strange But Cool (2000 And One Remix)
06. Efdemin – The Pulse (John Beltran’s Summer Light Remix)
07. Mark August – Warm
08. Efdemin – America
09. Tampopo – Helicopters

CD 2
Anthony Collins Mix:
01. Thomas Brinkmann – Rumpf
02. Nico Purman – Vibration
03. Reynold – Space Wall (Lee Van Dowski Remix) (Unreleased)
04. Franklin De Costa – Rollergirl
05. Mark August – Warm
06. Michal Ho – Quitior (Mark August Remix)
07. Reynold – Climax
08. Conforce – Joyless Mind
09. CRC – The Nymph
10. Efdemin – America
11. CRC – Vaskitsaherra
12. Wav – Nyquist Plot
13. Nico Purman – Springz
14. Conforce – Truth
15. Pablo Bolivar – Internal Call
16. Nico Purman – Miercoles
17. Dub Kult – Crypt (District One Remix)
18. Conforce – Cruising
19. Anthony Collins – Bruised Inside (Los Updates Remix) (Unreleased)
20. Anthony Collins – Reeves
21. Anthony Collins – Bruised Inside (Los Updates Remix) (Unreleased)

Peter Van Hoesen Mix:
01. Artificial Latvamäki – Ratts Leaving The Sinking Ship… (PVH Overcast Edit)
02. Denis Karimani – Character Melting Pot (PVH Simple Edit)
03. Conforce – Truth
04. Grimes Adhesif – Fearless Fun (Efdemin Remix)
05. Jonas Kopp – Tirados
06. CRC – The Nymph
07. Lars Wickinger – Fade To Grass (Jonas Kopp Remix) (PVH Once Again Edit)
08. CRC – Vaskitsaherra (E.R.P. Remix)
09. Mark August – Warm (Zander VT Remix)
10. Wav – Nyquist Plot (PVH Slight Edit)
11. Efdemin – America

Fader Mix:
01. Mark August – Warm (Zander VT Remix)
02. Conforce – Joyless Mind
03. Efdemin – America
04. Tampopo – Helicopters Got Cameras (tobias. Remix)
05. CRC – Vaskitsaherra
06. Jonas Kopp – Mico (Unreleased)
07. Conforce – Cruising
08. Audision – Basic Motion
09. CRC – The Nymph
10. Franklin De Costa – Kronn
11. Stewart Walker – Scratched Notes
12. Grimes Adhesif – Fearless Fun
13. Walt J – Reborn (DJ Qu Remix) (Unreleased)
14. Jonas Kopp – Ruda (Unreleased)
15. Efdemin – Acid Bells (Matt O’Brien Remix)

artist: Various Artists
title: Curle 25: So Far (So Good)
label: Curle Recordings, BE.
date: 14.06.2010

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