Dejavoo – The Remixes (Transient Records)

UK based Dejavoo delivers their second studio album The Remixes with nine tracks by well known artists such as XNoise, Krunch, Eskimo, Triptych and Digicult reworked by the duo.

In their remixes Dejavoo bring out their trademark quality production with a progressive edge and technoid touch on the original tunes. With the bpms ranging through 130 all the way to 145 the album travels through techno with melodies to catch by into the progressively uplifting spheres of psy trance.
Dejavoo is a duo formed by Francesco aka Plastik Vibe and Kristian (Transient Records DJ). They released their acclaimed debut Future Shock on Alchemy Records in 2008.
In the summer Dejavoo can be experienced on all major festivals such as Life Festival, Boom Festival, Full Moon Festival, Antaris Festival and being a resident live act for Halcyon, London.

‘This is the best remix some one has done of any of my tracks it sounds massive and has done very good espcially in Brazil’ Uri (Eject) re: Eject’s High Robot rmx

“I really love the sound and the way you have remixed all the tracks, staying away from most the the typical Psy compositions and arrangements and going for experimantaion and fresh ideas.’ Charles (Triptych and Solead)

“I will be playing the Witness remix, fits my style” Slater (Tribal Vision)

“Havent heard such good Psy Trance in ages, play most of these tracks”. Bim (Millenium Records/Medium Recs)

Dj support

John 00 Flemming and Christopher Lawrence :: Triptych, Krunch and Kruger and Coyle Remixes,

Scotty of Vuuv festival: Playing several tunes

Eyal Yankovich Hommega head honcho: Loving Krunch, The show remix

Regan (Nano Recs) & Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) : Full of praise for the X Noise Gain Control remix

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