Out on 14th of June – Polium – On My Way

QT RECORDS’ new acquirement “Polium” starts his season on the label with an organic and flatted tune with a flurry of filtered deep space synthesizers. Immersed in the mix, a very calm baseline occasional stops and start the hypnotic groove. Tune has a monotone ongoing with an alternate between the darker bass/snare driven sections and the flat longing lead sequence while the breaks drop in and out to great effect. Another supports includes the Room of Replica remix, which get out and build in the relevant instrumentals parts of the original. Fly O Tech’s rhythmic is a kind of trademark for tunes. Daniel L.’s support is against any other mainstream movement a contrast with his back rooted techno groove bass section that pumps up the pressure and rolling snares, rounding off another top drawer collection in style.
Includes Remixes by S.M.E.R.T., Room of Replica, Fly o Tech, Daniel L.

QT RECORDS is supported by artists like:
Dubfire | Richie Hawtin | Noel Sanger | Henry Saiz | Audiojack | Afrilounge | Alexi Delano | Daniele Papini | Stereo K | Andro + Dimit | Intrallazzi Aka the Cube Guys | Nihil Young | DJ Ralf | Jon Sa Trinxa | Pierre Deutschmann | Click Click | and many more …


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