Groove finally has a color: Violetta – Violetta EP on Deepflight with mixes by Lukas Greenberg, Oliver Wüst and more

Violetta EP - Deepflight

The sixth digital release on Deepflight Recordings is made by the Berlin based producer Olav Hentrich. The Violetta EP is available now in all download shops including mixes by Lukas Greenberg, Dynamic Stereo Sound, Oliver Wüst and Booby Deep.

Within the first two minutes of the original track “Violetta” the music gently grows until it has reached its level. While the listener believes himself already on the top, Olav Hentrick just keeps adding jumping and rolling sounds. He combines them in such a fine way that the dark character and the fat groove never get lost. The result is a unique symbiosis of harmony and groove: Deep Tech in its purest form.

Violetta has been remixed by Lukas Greenberg who keeps the Funk alive and by Booby Deep who really lives up to his name. A progressive remix comes from Dynamic Stereo Sound. Last but not least Oliver Wüst chips in the most mystic and Detroit -like version with his Hollow Remix.

The EP is completed by another track from Olav Hentrich called “Pispot” and makes the DFR006 a fantastic and well rounded Tech House experience. Get ready to take off!
Deepflight 006 is available on Beatport and all other major download shops. See the Violetta videos on Deepflight’s YouTube channel.

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Text: Oudia Audio Publicity
Cover artwork: Deepflight Recordings

Reprinting free of charge, specimen copy requested if possible.

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