Konsulat 005 – Across Digital – Dolphins Cry EP incl. Full Vocal, Club and Instrumental mixes

Konsulat – the German label for clubsound – explores new styles with its fifth release. The music of the act Across Digital immediately caught everyone’s heart at the Konsulat office. So the decision to release these two tracks was easily made. The title track “Dolphins Cry” stands for minimal trance at its best.

Official Release Showcase – Konsulat 005 – Dolphins Cry EP

The slight melancholy to the driving beat makes this track a wonderful and surprising journey for the dancefloor or for your headphones. For those who don’t like vocals and want to concentrate on the catchy melody – there’s an instrumental version of “Dolphins Cry” also.

The second track on this EP is called “Through To You” and it is a perfect union of Triphop and Downbeat. It is like the famous K&D Sessions Compilation focused in one track.
The club mix adds a proggy version of Through To You to the EP.

With this release from Across Digital the label Konsulat widens its musical spectre. Still the dedication to the club is not missing on the “Dolphins Cry” EP, which is available in all major download shops.

Short Facts
Konsulat 005 – Dolphins Cry EP
01. Across Digital – Dolphins Cry (Vocal Mix)
02. Across Digital – Through To You (Vocal Mix)
03. Across Digital – Dolphins Cry (Instrumental Mix)
04. Across Digital – Through To You (Club Mix)

Format: File (mp3, wave)
Categories: Techno/Electro House/House/Downbeat
Released: July, 26th 2010

Buy on Beatport:


Text: Oudia Audio Publicity
Cover artwork: Konsulat

Reprinting free of charge, specimen copy requested if possible.

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