Dallmayr – Coffee & Chill Vol. 1 – Balanced, aromatic and full of character!

Dallmayr - Coffee & Chill Vol. 1

We are not talking about the perfectly prepared coffee but an exclusive selection of musical tracks, perfectly produced andskilfully arranged. Exactly the kind of mixture that fits right into the world of Dallmayr Lounge Music.

Because what delivers the right atmosphere for a good cup of hot coffee if not chilled-out, relaxed music? Whether it is coffee black or ‘au lait’, with or without sugar, arabica or robusta – there is one ingredient that all lovers of relaxed unwinding can agree on: the COFFEE & CHILL – Dallmayr Lounge Music Vol.1. 12 first-class lounge tracks form a premium soundscape, from relaxed over seductive to refreshing.

Every single track, from the opener Miles Beyond all the way to the aptly named last Time To Go, invites the listeners to close their eyes and let their fantasy fly. The CD contains blues and smooth jazz elements as well as the exotic touch of Japan, minimalistic R’n’B and sensual beats. Every track is a musical gem in itself but also creates a perfectly harmonising mix with the remaining titles.

Because, just like the diverse palette of a good cup of coffee, the complete character of COFFEE & CHILL – Dallmayr Lounge Music Vol.1 only unfolds when you immerse yourself in it and let the compilation take you on a journey of the senses. And the lounge CD makes this as easy as it gets – 100 percent worth listening to, 100 percent relaxing.

Dallmayr Kaffee is a centuries-old German coffee brand of highest quality and distinction.

1. Miles Beyond – Roberto Sol
2. Bluenote Sounds – Roberto Sol & Chris Le Blanc feat. Sab.
3. Welcome Blue Hour – Chris Le Blanc feat. Mel T. Waters
4. Eastern Promises – The Dao Poets
5. Konja Tokyo De – Florito feat. Anna Y.
6. Coracao Vagabundo – Beleza Tunes
7. Remember That Day – Roberto Sol
8. I Know Him – Sunyata Project
9. Impress Me – Florito & Roberto Sol feat. Sandra M.
10. One Night To Remember – Roberto Sol
11. Can Not Forget You – Roberto Sol feat. Mic
12. Time To Go – Florito & Chris Le Blanc

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