LANGUAGE will be released on Todd Terry’s Label Nov 8th on Beat Port and all other online record stores. His label is called In House Records. This is the follow up single for the successful and powerful remix single “THE GODS”.
It’s a blessing to have another record associated with Todd “The God”!

More on In House Records
InHouse Records is the portal through which Todd Terry’s creative output reaches his fans. In Todd’s own words….

“InHouse is my outlet to make the kind of music I want, with who I want, how I want, and when I want, no filter, no A&R, no middle man, just my music from me to you” Todd Terry

The Early years of InHouse from 2000-2004 saw InHouse release mostly limited runs of vinyl promo to support Todd’s touring,

In 2006 InHouse started planning to re-release a vast catalog of out of print tracks, and almost 400 tracks reappeared in the digital format during 2007-2009. The initial releases were led by a series know as the “Todd Terry 100” parts 1 through 10, actually comprising 110 total tracks, this series is a A-Z history of Todd’s early releases. “The Dubs” were to follow, a five release collection of over 50 out of print classic “Dubs”.

2009 closed with an emphasize on new material. Several new releases from the Todd Terry Allstars featured vocal performances by Shawnee Taylor, Kelly Sajda, and Bridget Barkan. A new series got rolling; know as the “Rare Grooves” series, these are compiled from Todd’s personal collection of Acetates, White labels, and Promo mixes no longer available until now.

2010 has already seen the top 20 charting “Joy” and “Brighter Days”. “Disco” a Todd Terry, Michael Moog collaboration premiers at WMC 2010. Scheduled releases for the spring include Kelly Sajda “Give In To Me”, and Kimyon & Naja Rosa “Running Faster”. Additional collaborations between Todd and Armand Van Helden and Roger Sanchez are in the works and a MAW reunion is planned for the summer of 2010.

LANGUAGE : the expression of ideas by the voice; sounds, expressive of thought, articulated by the organs of the throat and mouth. This composition is the Language of your subconscious. The Language of your creative soul. The Language that communicates to the disciples of the house movement.. Manifest your inner thoughts..

Creating LANGUAGE I had no idea where this track would go. All I had was this crazy sample of someones voice going through some sort of machine. I knew I had to make a record out of this. I added tough tribal drums to give the records lots of drive and power.Electro synths to really make the record come alive.The voice sampled on the record sounds like a new language being spoken. I think sexy alien women speak like this! lol Nothing is too crazy sounding for me to use. Always trust your creative intuition! Art work by Patrica Dillon


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About rhenalt

Rhenalt thinks, breathes and lives music! He has been interested in electronic music since the late 80′s. Going to the nightclubs in the 90′s inspired him to start djing. Hearing the legendary DJ’s helped him find his sound. He has performed in every major club in New York City. His international gigs have taken him to venues in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Rhenalt’s style of music varies between groovy, funky house/banging electro/hard hitting tribal and the dirtiest house known to man. Rhenalt’s DJ sets are filled with energy that keeps the crowd in a frenzy. The title ambassador for Dance4life was given to him for spinning at the very first v.i.p party associated with Sensation White in New York City. Code Red signed by Stripped Digital U.K and Reach out signed by Get up records got support from John Digweed,Richie Hawtin,Luciano,Sahoshi Tomie,, Robert Owens just to name a few.. Rhenalt released an E.P on DJ PIERRE’S label AFRO ACID DIGITAL. The E.P is called “REBEL EYE.” The legendary Underground Resistance is an outfit he works closely with. Expect releases in association with the U.R camp in the near future. TODD TERRY recently signed his new single THE GODS. Expect remixes from Todd “THE GOD” Terry for this release! The uncompromising New York based Nervous Records released STREETS OF NEW YORK to add to his credits of great music labels. Rhenalt produced and remixed records for labels from around the world.His well crafted “LIMITLESS” dj mix for charted at 20 in the top 100 djs category. He is currently starting his own production company called Rebel Eye Recordings. Rhenalt wants to put out the style of electronic music that inspired him to start djing. He’s working on his first artist album at the moment. His mission is to move crowds across the world and create classic electronic records. Look for Rhenalt at a venue near you..

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