Here’s a terrific example of the sort of demented ‘do not even attempt to talk to me at this point’ techno that always sounded fucking brilliant at 3am by which time one was so spectacularly trolleyed that dancing manically was the only thing keeping you from keeling over unconscious. Remixed by Hawtin, it has the classic long-winded build up, a gradual acceleration of various knob-twiddling and twanging before exploding into a full-on, in-yer-face demolition that, as an added bonus and as the title suggests, has a giant infusion of wibbly, squibbly acid (Ah, the good old days). Splendid. Subtle this is not but, every once in a while, being pummelled mercilessly by a track such as this is like getting a sports massage. It may hurt but you know it’s good for you. A really quite frantic record.
System 7 – Alpha Wave (Plastikman Acid House Remix) (1995)

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