The legendary DJ PIERRE just compiled 12 key tracks for this futuristic AMAZING compilation, The Movement Vol1 has every underground electronic musical style you can think of. Acid house,tech house,techno,soulful/funky house, and even a techno/rock track by myself! I’m blessed to have two tracks on this ground braking album. GOLDEN FACE is the first one. The is one of my earliest tracks. Its off the REBEL EYE E.P out on AFRO ACID DIGITAL. Its a techno sounding track.Golden face has lots of energy and drive. Classic Detroit sounding drums, The synths sounds like it was sampled straight out of Beethoven’s sound library.Futuristic effects that communicate to others galaxies. Techno at its finest.
SMASH UR SPEAKER is the second track. This record is really different from all the other records on this album. Live sounding drums.Big distorted guitars,house melodies that almost sound like the legendary record “GOOD LIFE” You can feel the Daft Punk/Justice influence on this one for sure!

HAVE A LISTEN (copy and past link)

Tired of the “box” created for himself and other artists he proudly wore Afro Acid conceptually and found a way to share it with the world. He created labels with same concept taking on unknown artists and giving them a platform by adding big name producers and remixers to their projects. Afro Acid Digital (AAD online) and Afro Acid Plastik (AAP vinyl) the labels are in part of the afro acid concept and are pushing the boundaries to create open doors for talent that would normally be ignored

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About rhenalt

Rhenalt thinks, breathes and lives music! He has been interested in electronic music since the late 80′s. Going to the nightclubs in the 90′s inspired him to start djing. Hearing the legendary DJ’s helped him find his sound. He has performed in every major club in New York City. His international gigs have taken him to venues in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Rhenalt’s style of music varies between groovy, funky house/banging electro/hard hitting tribal and the dirtiest house known to man. Rhenalt’s DJ sets are filled with energy that keeps the crowd in a frenzy. The title ambassador for Dance4life was given to him for spinning at the very first v.i.p party associated with Sensation White in New York City. Code Red signed by Stripped Digital U.K and Reach out signed by Get up records got support from John Digweed,Richie Hawtin,Luciano,Sahoshi Tomie,, Robert Owens just to name a few.. Rhenalt released an E.P on DJ PIERRE’S label AFRO ACID DIGITAL. The E.P is called “REBEL EYE.” The legendary Underground Resistance is an outfit he works closely with. Expect releases in association with the U.R camp in the near future. TODD TERRY recently signed his new single THE GODS. Expect remixes from Todd “THE GOD” Terry for this release! The uncompromising New York based Nervous Records released STREETS OF NEW YORK to add to his credits of great music labels. Rhenalt produced and remixed records for labels from around the world.His well crafted “LIMITLESS” dj mix for charted at 20 in the top 100 djs category. He is currently starting his own production company called Rebel Eye Recordings. Rhenalt wants to put out the style of electronic music that inspired him to start djing. He’s working on his first artist album at the moment. His mission is to move crowds across the world and create classic electronic records. Look for Rhenalt at a venue near you..

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