Igloofest 2012

I’m guessing that most of you people aren’t from Montreal or its surrounding areas. But when the month of December approaches and you live in Montreal there’s only one thing on your mind…Igloofest. Igloofest is an electronic music festivals that gathers artists of all genres from all over the planet to play outdoors during the winter. And now most of you know that it can get pretty cold out here in Canada especially in the month of January but that’s what makes it cool. So many people come out there every night of the festival and just dance, not caring about the cold weather. Every year I’m impressed with the lineup. The promoters really work hard to get some world-renowned artists. Throughout the years they were able to put their hands on really awesome producers such as : Rusko, Jacques Greene, Seth Troxler, A-Trak, Mala, Lunice, Pearson Sound, French Fries, Botnek, Green Velvet, Deadelus, Ghostbeard, LA Riots, Noisia, and many many more. Now I understand that it’s no I Love Techno or Pukkelpop but I find that the concept of an outdoor winter electronic music festival is really awesome. And so if you live in Montreal or its  surrounding areas you should definitely pick a night and come down to the Igloo Kingdom and enjoy performances from the best artists of the electronic scene, a unique and punchy audio-visual ambiance, a wacky ski suit competition, and an electrifying atmosphere that is guaranteed to give you the hottest nights of winter!!!

On the Igloofest website, you will find this year’s lineup, the ticket options and the location

Here’s a video the Igloofest team put out last year to promote their 2011 edition:


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5 responses to “Igloofest 2012”

  1. rhenalt says :

    Love this article!
    I actually would love to be part of the festival
    Let me know if u have an inside track for this event! ;)

    • Machiavelli says :

      Well actually they are holding a competition and the winner gets a chance to play a 90 minute set on one of the nights (January 27th Maya Jane Coles and Green Velvet will be playing) its pretty simple you just have to upload a 30 minute mix to their Soundcloud and VOILA!! The prize includes the flight to Montreal and plenty of other cool stuff. If you want additionnal info here’s the site: http://www.igloofest.ca/en/news/2011/11/15/concours-bench
      And if you win give me a shout I’ll show you around ;P
      Good Luck!

  2. iamelneco says :

    YEAAPPPP HELP ME GET THEREEEEE heres my igloofest mix http://www.mixcloud.com/elneco/bench-igloofest-competition/

  3. Amélie says :


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