Lunice & Hudson Mohawke collaboration

 Sans titre

Sorry for this godawful picture….it’s the best I could manage with my low budget :(

WOW! I have rarely been this stoked for the release of a track. First of all for those of you know don’t know these artists well let me give you some background. Lunice originating from our fair city of Montreal is a very versatile producer. In the beginning of his career, he mostly produced hip-hop beats and electro&house beats. As he matured, he started to produce a kind of fusion between UK bass music and american hip-hop. In his sets he integrates a lot of gangster rap which he blends in perfectly with the rest of his music. Signed to UK label Lucky Me he has collaborated with artists such as Rustie and Diplo. Actually, he has been working a lot with Diplo over this past year. They notably produced a remix of Deerhunter’s Helicopter which is a sick track. As for Hudson Mohawke, or Hudson Mo, he was the second youngest winner of the DMC’s after Canada’s A-Trak. He also produces a kind of electronic-hiphop music which is hard to define precisely. He is officially signed to Warp records, but he is closely affiliated to the Lucky Me crew. This collaboration has yet to be released, I’m guessing on Lucky Me, but when it does drop, I will be the first to pick it up. This song promises to be dope. I’ve ripped the audio from this video and put it on my iPod and it’s all I’ve been listening too for the last three days lol. The track is ripped from Rustie’s Boiler Room set.

Check it out Lunice & Hudson Mohawke – Unknown

And HERE’S Rustie’s full set.

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