Before getting into the electronic music I used to listen to metal and hard rock, and one day my friend from Milano showed We Are Prostitues by electronic music producers Crookers. I instantly fell in love with the genre. Since then my taste for electronic music has evolved but I have always kept all my old Crookers tracks on my iPod. I really liked their new album Dr. Gonzo. I especially liked the track Hummus. I think the reason I liked this track is because Crookers were aided in the production of this track by none other that Hudson MohawkeMontreal producers Botnek produced a remix for this track which blew my mind! I love Botnek’s style that sort of jump-up techno totally adds to the song. I can’t wait to hear them drop this dope track at Igloofest!

Crookers–Hummus (Botnek remix)

Here are some more tracks by Botnek:


The Sound

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