Easy Tiger Festival in Belgrade@Dom Omladine

Saturday night it’s all right for party. Brand New Festival was held in the downtown, located in renovated space of Dom Omladine. Party was held on two floors with 3 stages. The main and the biggest stage Easy Tiger Room was on lower floor.  Following DJs were playing tech-house, techno and minimal :

Dusan Kačarević

On an upper floor were two rooms. One is FEMALE GRAVITATION ROOM and second is BODY & SOUL ROOM. Female room or as I call it Lesbo room was the smallest, promoting tech-house in contrast from Body and Soul room which promoted more deep and progressive sounds.

In Lesbo room following djs played:

Maja Uzelac
Tijana T
SHINEDOE – Holland
Kristina Lalić

Body & Soul room:

ANEURIA – Slovenia
Kay Kay – Slovenia
RAY OKPARA – Germany

It was freezing Saturday night. I waited for couple of friends of mine from Zemun ( Part of a City across the river) in front of Dom Omladine. Then awkward moment happened when I realised that I have 6 flyers not tickets and that there’s no entrance without a ticket. And there was more people with flyers having problems to get it.   We were planing to visit this new festival for a very long time, but soon We realised that We are in a problem and that organisation of  festival was a big fail. On official Easy Tiger Facebook fan page, administrator wrote entrance is free only with Flyers and He wrote about locations where people can take Them. So two weeks before Easy Tiger  I went to restaurant Galo Nero  on Dorcol where bartender said there’s 6 flyers and that’s all that Marko Nastic left. But on Saturday night I found that there is  actually a ticket which was a pass to get in. Of course security guys where very rude and impudent and They didn’t let Us in.  2000 “real clubbers” got in with a ticket but We couldn’t, but off course We were persistent and after two hours of cold I found one guy who gave me a fucking ticket and I went inside the building , convincing a guy from security to let my friend Daca with me on one ticket. I guess my charm worked out and soon We where on Festival. After 15 minutes  other friends manage to get in after They board security so much They couldnt stand it any more.

I was so pissed half of the night , because of waiting and fucking bad organization. There was all kinds of people there, lot of odd people. On the beginning there was really lot of people, but until 3 h space got half empty, all “real clubbers” went home to sleep. I went to Lesbo room just in time local DJ Kristina Lalic was closing her set and after her there was Holland star Shinedoe. Lesbo room was great, it’s a small space so I had feeling I am  in some very comfortable small underground club. Sahidoe played some really sexy dirty tracks I would like to hear Her spinning again. After that i spent some time at Body and Soul room with really cool dancers.

 I went around 4h to main stage just in time for closing set of best Serbian djs Marko Nastic and Dejan Milicevic. What can I say Their set was real festival groove. A+ for the Set. Crowd was excellent , DJs got huge applause at the end.

So I must say I had great time on this new Festival and I am happy I got in. Music was really something. But as it comes to organisation , waiting in the entrance and non smoking rule in space of Dom Omladine  makes me really angry. The most  ironic thing is that main sponsor was Pozdrav iz Rovinja, but non smoking rule existed, Hell noooooooo!!!


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