Ok this a small tutorial on how to mix records together. I wish I had a video like this back in Now your dreams of becoming a superstar DJ is that much more closer. You must love the music and culture first before even thinking about this!
So you want to get all the girls, make big bucks, and hang out in the VIP? or maybe you’re one of “those” who just loves the music and wants to share it :) Djsounds and Phil K teach the basics of DJ-ing in this 9 part series.
This is three parts of nine videos!
DJ Phil K

More on DJ Phil K
Phil K started DJ-ing in 1985, performing at his school’s disco. He soon started working for a disco hire company setting up sound systems at venues. In the 1990s, Phil K worked for DMC, a seller of DJ gear and records. In 1996, Phil K released his first record, “Summer Breeze” as The Free Radicals with Andy Page and Ivan Gough.

In 2000, Phil K created his first commercial mix album for Global Recordings. This album won him the “Best Dance Compilation” award at the Dance Music Awards in 2001 his Kiss 100 “Friday Tapes” garnered him the award for “Best Radio Show”.Phil K started working with fellow Australian Luke Chable and the two released “The Roots” on Boxed in 2002. After sending Sasha a demo of their next track, “Burma”, he included it on the album Involver and the track was subsequently released by GU Music as well. He also signed onto EQ/Stomp to mix the fourth entry in the Balance series. Balance 004 is a two disc release consisting of a “Breaks Mix” and a “House Mix” and won Phil K the 2003 DMA award for “Best Mix CD”.

In 2005, Distinct’ive Breaks Records released Phil K’s entry in the Y4k series and features a combination of melodic breaks, bassy techno, and glitchy electro. The mix album featured “Cloudbrake”, a “tech-edged” bass driven breakbeat track written by Phil K and Habersham. In 2006, Phil K and Chable as Lo-Step released Because We Can. The album combines emotive breakbeats and dirty, electro rhythms with strange synths and samples


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About rhenalt

The uncompromising Dj/producer RHENALT formed Rebel Eye to take more control in an industry that is still fresh in the digital form .Dj/producer Angelo Boom will be recruiting talent to bring the rebellious dance music to the world. Rebel Eye represents house music as a whole. The music will capture the essence of a time when the entire movement or lifestyle was simply called house. Rebel Eye is a label that will bring quality house music with an edge. The name Rebel Eye is all about going against the grain. Doing what your soul sings. Let your subconscious mind be your guide in the creative realm. The essence of Avant-garde expression with the soul of house music. House devotee and leading DJ/Producer Rhenalt proudly commands the wheel of Rebel Eye – his record label and far-reaching movement dedicated to the progression of the music he knows and loves so dearly. The ethos of Rebel Eye is clear – it’s about capturing the essence and atmosphere of House music and the world that surrounds it on a deep and personal level. More than just a focus on releases – the Rebel Eye roster is a batch of unique and rebellious talents that naturally go against the grain of expectation. The label encourages this way of thinking, pushing their artists to explore the depths in music and only do what comes natural. Nothing is forced and this makes Rebel Eye one of the most organic and genuine imprints around. Affiliated with the likes of DJ Pierre and Todd Terry, both Rhenalt and the brand have clearly placed themselves amongst like-minded artists that also feel the vibe of House music on a deeper level.

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