Matthew Hoag on the Weels of Steel

Today I present Matej Music aka Matthew Hoag Our Slovenian or maybe I should say Yugoslavian friend who is Dj and Producer. I remember first time I heard His music  two seasons ago at The Tube , I felt in love immediately. Lets just say it was love on the first sound. Since then He become all time favorite of almost all Tubers. After His gig at the Tube I heard Him playing in Sava Centar Garden, Exit Music Festival on Dance arena and other places around Serbia. Last friday He was again in The city of Gods (I don’t want to sound pretentious, but that’s His words) and He played music in the Tube.


Matthew Hoag is Slovenia’s rising star in djing and production. He became interested in  electronic music when He was really young with  the idea of ​​spreading positivne energy and love between people through music. Matthew is tech-house master.  He has performed in countries  as :  Brazil , Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Serbia , Greece, Austria, Germany, Belgium on famous I love Techno Festival,  Macedonia and  in Ibiza  where He lived for some time. His goal is not to be the best DJ in Slovenia, but to share positive vibe around people , offering Them to join Him if They have desire to.

SoundCloud profile:

Official website:

So it was friday night, I met my two handsome guys in the center. First We dropped by one new nice bar Alternativa.  Its located in the small yard between club Red Room ( don’t go there it’s awful) and the Old neoclassic building with new modern architecture part on the upper floor that looks like a tumor in Simina street on Dorcol. In a summer when for the  first time I went to that bar there was a nice small warm garden, but since wather is cold One can sit only inside now. Theres nothing interesting with interior of that place , but beer and cocktails are cheap and that’s very important. When it comes to cocktails They are between 3 and 4 euros and very well made. I recommend Zombie and Monkey brain shooter. Around one o clock We moved to the Tube. There was B day party of Matthew Hoag. For Intro was in charge Deki Milicevic one of best Serbian DJs and Outro did old shool master Peppe pumping house in his own well know style.

This is the 5th season of the Tube. We are gonna rock the house again like always. I must say that the season 3 was the best, with line up and with atmosphere and real city people. Nowadays its too much crowded and full with some odd people I don’t really like. Theres lot of nervous people on the dance floor spreading negative vibe and pushing everybody, steeling cigarets and cocktails from others, that kind of rude behave is Fashion No , No !!!   Nothing good comes from that.

But I must say that this friday when Matej played club was crowded but not beyond capacity which was nice for change comparing last weeks. He made really good atmosphere spreading positive energy on a dance floor. Also I am admitting that i liked more His last years set at the Tube which was more techno then this one, but in second part of this years set  He played some really nice tech-house tracks I liked very much.

Matthew is cute boy with good taste in music and as this Photo says :

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