The New queens of the Underground

I have to say I am a big fan of Maya Jane Coles, so i was looking  her fan page on Facebook and i found this Home page of Mix mag magazine.

The New Queens are rocking the Underground : Maya Jane Coles, Deniz Kurtel, Nina Kraviz, Cassy and Steffi.  They are all doing djing and production with similar sensibility. Electronic music is developing really fast and the sound now days is getting more and more sophisticated.  Couple of years progressive was popular, then minimal was hit, today the most popular gender is Tech-house. This is the gender that the queens promote.  They are making really sexy dance  tracks with excellent vibe.








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2 responses to “The New queens of the Underground”

  1. Machiavelli says :

    Wow thank you so much I have been trying to get into some of the DJ’s that will be playing at and Maya Jane Coles was one of those artists I was gonna get into. Your article really helped me thanks!

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