Clubbing people ( The Imprtance of being an Artist)



Clubbing people . Based on my humble perception can be divided into several groups. In fact on this subject one can write wide sociological/anthropological work.

1) Celebrity or Vip– djs, models, actors, fashion designers, journalists in one word  television people. Often go to popular parties, usually eager to find attention and a lot of fans who are willing to admire Them. They have a large amount of self-love. They almost never say Hello first, always waiting You to make first step even If They  know  You, because They are Vip. Often behave as if they invented clubbing. They like elitist behavior and they are God knows how much intellectual, although most of them are  failed  students or people with low education. But regardless of that fact  They know everything : music, culture, art, fashion, paranormal activity, Late Antiquity and Early Christianity, postmodern theories, etc. Most of Them regardless of their elitist behavior live very cheap.

“I’ve no excuse, I just want you to use me
Take me and abuse me
I got no taboos, I’ll make a trade with you
Do anything you wa-ant me to” 


2) Celebrity wanna be– Friends of Vip people, boyfriends or girlfriends. Aspire to become celebrity just like their friends  and to associate with Them. They are ready in all ways to achieve Vip status. They behave as their VIP friends, They copied the image and outfits of their VIP friends, They are very intellectual like their VIP friends.  Those are  people who will sign up for Big Brother in the next season,which will flirt or go to bad with celebrity to be noticed. Some of Them will become gay activist and human rights activists in order to be in  the center of attention.
3) Addicts-they are universal groups. They are everywhere. Cocaine addicts after a while start to imagine that are too cool and important for people around Them even though no one are actually interested in Them. While heroin addicts  usually in a short time become a caricatures of people who They once were.  One should stay away and not try to engage in normal conversation with Them, because it that’s not possible. Alcoholics are in this group also. If They are not drinking enough cant  relax  and every party They find boring.
4) Gym boys-They look like Serbian boys from 90s  in tight shirts and small bags attached over the shoulder. Usually wear white shoes. I do not know what they’re looking for at parties, possibly speed or ecstasy and some fight. Never look like they are actually having fun. I noticed that They usually like djs as  Marko Nastic, Carl Cox or Umek.

5) Kids– They almost started clubbing. They are sweet and full of enthusiasm, They find every party awesome. In this group there are kids who are starting to emulate their Celebrity role models. These kids are mostly from the provinces. Invent their origin, their name, their identity so They could be very cool for themselves and for others. Many of them will act gay to be distinguished from others , to be special. They write a variety of blogs, mostly fashion,  where They present pictures of  their Celebrity role models. Dont wear anything which is last season that’s  Fashion No No!
6) Posers-people who are lost in those places. They generally listen to Top FM or City Radio, They usually like to think that They are very urban and cool if They wear tight brand shirt and torn jeans. Well everybody wants to be urban  those days but seems like not lot of people knows the meaning of that concept. I may say that Our gay icon JK is the image of the girl who  want to be urban. I’m surprised that she isn’t into parties.
7) Haters– They are always unsatisfied. No matter which dj is playing They always find fault for everything. First the space is not good or dj didnt played well,  people were uncool or They will not go to the party because ticket is to expensive but They will still click  attending on Facebook event.

 They leave a bitter and  ironic comments on forums like” stage could not be entered without a scarf and a cigarette or if you don’t look like a hipster”.
8) Fans- are not obsessed with their outfits, they are generally friendly, not to be taken off the dance floor. Live in their own world. This group is a minority.
9) Quasi-artists- people who took money from mom and dad bought professional cameras and become  artists , have blogs to present their works. Often found inspiration in motifs like phallus and vulva as if this subjects no one has used  since prehistoric times and ancient times until today. But they are open and breaking  taboos. They invented  hot water. Terms such as make-up artist or fashion designer is no longer in use, because do not mention the word artist. So now all present Themselves as make up artist or visual artist. Its very imported to call yourself artist.
Besides these groups there are others, also the individual types of people . But I wouldn’t write more about Them, this was too much.

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