Rocking the Tube (Maceo Plex & Tini)

 Welcome to the Underground , The Underground !!! 


Friday night. Maceo Plex and Tini played at the best Belgrade club the Tube within Three day Tube Festival. I didn’t catch Andy Batlers set in Thursday  but I attended Festival yesterday. First I have to introduce you with Maceo Plex. He is American boy who got interested in electronic music in early 90s in the beginnings of Rave culture. Famous as Maetric or Mariel Ito. He worked for labels as: Treibstoff, Dumb Unit, Cocoon, Audiomatique, Modern Love. Moved from America to Valencia, Spain where He was influenced by  funky sounds of Parliament Funkadelic, Moodymann, Atjazz, Isolee and Luomo. As Maceo Plex in 2010. on Crosstown Rebels label He released some awesome hits as Vibe your love and Cant leave You.

Hear it Yourself:  


After Him second star was Tini. She is  Berlin underground lady I forgot to mention Her in my post The New Queens of the Underground. Tini started to play music in clubs in Munich at the beginning of Her career.  She needed only a few years of playing in clubs to become one of Germany’s most highly acclaimed female artists in techno and house music. She is working for Desolat label. In her tour She is promoting new album Tessa.  Her album  has been named after her best friend Tessa, who was the first person to introduce her to the colourful, sometimes dreamlike world of Ibiza, where Tini spent the summer of 2010 and produced a majority of her album. It’s a musical documentation of an influencing stage of life, inspired by a chaotic but at the same time peaceful island and special people she met there and who can even be heard in many of the tracks.

I meet my friend Marko and We entered The Tube around one o clock. And Guess what?? We were not on a guest list.  We had to pay the ticket but never mind.  I was looking forward and expecting very best  of this party. But since this club is promoting in almost every tv stations and newspapers it got that much popular that number of people last night was very much beyond capacity of The Tube where 500 people can enter. I understand owners made it to make money and not for actually having  fun , but if one club wants to keep good reputation it should be more selective and carefull when it comes to audience and regular clientage. Yesterday it look like the club its going to explode, too much people in it, and if its going to continue like this somebody its gone die like it happened on Love Parade and I hope it’s not going to  be me or some of my close friends,  because that’s my favorite club and I am regular there.

 So I lost my friend soon in a crowed and didn’t see Him after that. Got on a narrow dance floor and found one space for dancing. It’s not that dark on a dance floor since there’s new lights in the club, recalls a bit on Watergate. Maceo Plex started His set around one.  I was so nervous and board of too much people so I didn’t have that much to enjoy. He is not a kind of dj who is pumping and grooving. He is plays tech and deep house  with a touch of funky and disco. Is plays more soft and slow then We used to listen in the Tube. I know some people got disappointed, but I liked his set and tracks He played where something cool and new a bit fancy and sexy.

 After His set, Tini continued. We heard Her on Exit Festival in Novi Sad. She played stronger tech-house tracks. I was there until 5 , but I didn’t go to after party with same artist playing  in bar Mladost.


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