Mick Verma – Dreamour EP (VCRD003) – Out now!

VCRD003: Mick Verma – Dreamour EP
Released 3rd December 2011

VCRD003: Mick Verma – Dreamour EP.

DJ & Radio Support From:
Joey Silvero (Distant People) UK, Lewis Ferrier (Stimulated Soul) Netherlands, Joan Ribas (Ibiza Soulstice Music / Café Del Mar) Ibiza , Nadja Lind (Lucidflow) Berlin, Tommy Largo (Lost My Dog ) Netherlands , Torin Rea (West Coast Collective) US, Al Bradley (3AM Recordings) UK, Chris Udoh (Wamdue Kids) US, DJ Nutritious (Brooklyn Shakedown) US

Spacious Radio (WNUR FM Chicago), Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio), John P. (West Radio / Greece), Thomas Pudell (In Control Radio Show / Berlin), Gavyn Mitchell (Ministry Of Sound Radio, UK), Dino Michael (Good Hope FM /South Africa), Anthony Angell (Stereo Sushi Radio / UK), Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica / Ibiza), DJ Nova (Rodon FM / Greece), Brewster Bingham (Kiss FM / Australia), Dance On Red (Red FM / Ireland), Marc Lacasse (Urbnet / UMFM / Canada), Grooveland Radio (Brazil), Tunnel FM (Global), Deep In Radio (Global)

To listen online and for more details please visit:

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