New house mix session: (paradise 2011) from dj jon bates


paradise mix cover art (500x500px)

Paradise Mix Session by DJ Jon Bates

129 minute, 25-track set recorded live on 7 December 2011 in Minneapolis, MN, USA by DJ Jon Bates.

Track list:

  1. Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix), Coldplay
  2. We Are The People (Shapeshifter Mix), Empire of the Sun
  3. Common Ground, Rhythm Corps
  4. Levels (Original Mix), Avicii
  5. Sderna (Slicerboys Remix), Marco Cucchia
  6. Love On Me (Slicerboys Remix), Peter K
  7. In My Head (Original Mix), Bionik Phunk
  8. Robot’s Weekend (Rust Remix), Notea Project
  9. Then Came You (Noel Sinner Remix), Boogie Pimps
  10. The Day Is Alright (Simon D Bootleg), Arias & Arno Cost
  11. Triangle & Strings, Glenn Morrison
  12. Love Train, Relics
  13. Into The Sun (Original Mix), Weekend Players
  14. Symphony of Soul (Toby Emerson Mix), Headstrong
  15. Vienna Calling, Eddie Romano
  16. Burning Paris (Original Mix), The Kings of Disco
  17. A Love Thing, Stonebridge
  18. In The Music (SoHa Vocal Mix), Deep Swing
  19. Fourteen, Hed Kandi
  20. What Is This, No Halo
  21. Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Mix), Robyn
  22. Peace (Oleg Niksaev Bootleg Rework), Serge Devant
  23. Something You Know, Benny Maze & DJ Amadeus
  24. Personal Jesus (Agraba Remix), Bionik Phunk
  25. Hang With Mix (Avicii Unreleased Club Mix), Robyn

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Jon Bates mixes progressive house, disco house, San Francisco dub, Miami + Ibiza trance, Chicago Garage & more. Hear more mixes posted here + at



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