This a really special musical collage for me because it showcases most of the records that I did at that point all in one mix. This is something I always wanted to do in the past. I just didn’t have enough material back than that was worthy of the mix lol! I call it ” THE FACE OF RHENALT” because its a very personal mix. I used all the remixes done for me,The remixes that I did for other artist, and original tracks done by yours truly! I noticed some of the big names already used this market strategy. I figured if they did it, I should do it also. If you use successful people as your blue print, you are guaranteed success also! Lets go through the tracks now.
This record was a very early one for me. This was done back in 2005. It was a vocal that I found in Beat Port. I thought I could just take it and make a track out of it. I pitched to Cornelius of Alter Ego Management. (manager of the legendary underground resistance) He told I wouldn’t be able to use it because I didn’t clear the sample. I did do a newer version since than with a vocalist by the name of Pilar.

Rock the spot original version is an electro/rock feel record. At this time I was listening to a lot of the artist from France. DaftPunk,Justice,Ed Banger Crew etc..A label from Italy was interested in the record. The name if the label is Borghese Incisioni. A producer from the label did a remix for it. His name is Simon Berk. His version is more tech house. I had to use it for this mix

Dirty Girl is one of my favorite records. This is from my first my first E.P “Rebel Eye” out on Afro Acid Digital. Kid Massive from the U.K did a fantastic remix for me. Dirty House at its best! Kid Massive is one of the most talented producers in house music now!

This an interesting record. This is a remix I did for an artist coming out of Berlin.He goes by the name of Davincy.The original version is more of an electro feel. I decided to give him more of a New York City house feel. I was intrigued by Todd Terry’s all stars project. I was watching the videos on the process of the records being made for his project. I used that as a reference for this remix.This record came out of a label from Germany called Houze Slave

This record is from the Jet Black E.P Its a remix done for me from an artist that goes by the name of PCI.PCI comes from Berlin. He gave me an incredible electro remix of my original version of Jet Black. PCI has a great ear for the electro house style. I see a bright future for this cutting edge producer.

This is one of my favorite remixes from my Jet Black E.P. Jerome Baker knows techno. He know how to get straight to the point with his production. This is the kind of record  you use a  secret weapon to get the crowd crazy. Big bass,Driving drums and enormous energy! Veteran producer coming out of Minneapolis!

Punk Bass is a electro/rock record. The original has live sounding drums,guitars and electro dirty synths.Dj Nipper is the former member of the legendary group from the 80’s 808 STATE.
Dj Nipper provided a unbelievable electro remix. I never knew he can do this style of music. This is a record I can play anywhere. He been producing since the early 80’s. He is one of the producers that gave birth to the whole European scene in general.
Powerful drums,dirty synths and an infectious groove. You have to hear it to believe it. This record was signed to Dj Nipper’s record label Punk Pussy Records based in Hon Kong.

8 ANGELO BOOM/777/RHENALT RMX (Borghese Incisioni )
This record is a very special one. The original is from a long time friend Angelo Boom. I know Angelo since grade school. This record is dedicated to his son. His son was born on 7/7/07. He came up with the idea of making a record called 777. I thought it was brilliant! I provided a hard tech house version.Live sounding drums,sampled my own voice pitched down saying 7 three time to brake the track up in three sections. Every section more intense than the previous one. Lots of white noise through out the track.777 is one of my best production.This record was signed to a label based in Italy called Borghese Incisioni

Angelo Boom of course had to be part of the Jet Black E.P. He provided a tribal tech version for the ground barking e.p. I love the drums that he used and the minimal sounds to give it that techy feel.Very different from the other versions, Angelo brought it back NYC style.

The dynamic duo Rooster and Peralta! These two have a great sound coming out of NYC. I really like the records they put out. I play them in my sets regularly! Im influenced my their production style. This is a remix i did for their original record called THE HUM SONG.The original is leaning toward the electro house sound. I provide a electro tribal version with a splash of tech through out! The record was actually my very first record on BEAT PORT. You can imagine how excited I was for this particular record. After this release,I felt more confident in doing remixes and original records to be released! THE HUM SONG came out on FUNKATRONIK RECORDS. Rooster and Peralta’s record label.

DJ MTRAXXX is a very important person for me. he was the A & R for Afro Acid Digital a few years back. He was the one that got me signed to the label. This was the start for everything. He believed in my talent. M TRAXXX helped me tremendously with my music career. He did a remix from my Bottlez E.P.
He gave me his classic Industrial Techno style that only comes form him. Hard drums,old school hi hats with a twist of lime provided with industrial strength behind it. Its like the Art Of Noise housed up with a dash of Miami elegance! Bottlez was released on a label called Acid All Stars based in Florida and Sweden.

Oh yes! You know what this is! I had to save this one for last.
THE GODS remixes by Todd “THE GOD” Terry. Todd Terry is one of the Architects of the whole electronic music scene in general. I remember listening to his records before even going to clubs. I heard his records played in my first high school dance back in the days! So many dj and producers are influenced my Todd Terry including myself.Todd Terry is one of the artists responsible for NYC house scene.Todd The God provides a fantastic tribal tech remix.Tough drums,his voice sampled,classic house melodies that give it that “GODLY” edge. This record took me to the next level as an artist. To have a legend believe in what I do and let alone remix it and put out it out on his label was a true blessing! The Gods are within your subconscious mind. Ask and you shall receive! THE GODS out on INHOUSE RECORDS.

This mix was hosted by DJ MTRAXXX. This mix aired on Pirate


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About rhenalt

Rhenalt thinks, breathes and lives music! He has been interested in electronic music since the late 80′s. Going to the nightclubs in the 90′s inspired him to start djing. Hearing the legendary DJ’s helped him find his sound. He has performed in every major club in New York City. His international gigs have taken him to venues in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Rhenalt’s style of music varies between groovy, funky house/banging electro/hard hitting tribal and the dirtiest house known to man. Rhenalt’s DJ sets are filled with energy that keeps the crowd in a frenzy. The title ambassador for Dance4life was given to him for spinning at the very first v.i.p party associated with Sensation White in New York City. Code Red signed by Stripped Digital U.K and Reach out signed by Get up records got support from John Digweed,Richie Hawtin,Luciano,Sahoshi Tomie,, Robert Owens just to name a few.. Rhenalt released an E.P on DJ PIERRE’S label AFRO ACID DIGITAL. The E.P is called “REBEL EYE.” The legendary Underground Resistance is an outfit he works closely with. Expect releases in association with the U.R camp in the near future. TODD TERRY recently signed his new single THE GODS. Expect remixes from Todd “THE GOD” Terry for this release! The uncompromising New York based Nervous Records released STREETS OF NEW YORK to add to his credits of great music labels. Rhenalt produced and remixed records for labels from around the world.His well crafted “LIMITLESS” dj mix for charted at 20 in the top 100 djs category. He is currently starting his own production company called Rebel Eye Recordings. Rhenalt wants to put out the style of electronic music that inspired him to start djing. He’s working on his first artist album at the moment. His mission is to move crowds across the world and create classic electronic records. Look for Rhenalt at a venue near you..

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