Originally from a small town located in the province of Quebec called Rimouski, DJ Mini’s fate inspired her early on to relocate to the wild urban jungle that is Montreal. Armed with a true passion for techno and electro sounds, this multidisciplinary artist quickly found herself honing her production skills and mixing aptitudes. From minimalist musings to breakbeat thumpings, be it in the realm of nocturnal parties or the world of performing arts, exploring circuit-bending or participating in underground music conferences; Mini has covered some incredible ground making her musical way through countless clubs, all the while becoming THE emblematic figure representing an entire underground Montreal generation.

Taking producing to a whole new level in 2006, DJ Mini launched her first album titled “Audio Hygiene”, which was re-edited in 2010. Having created some buzz around the record, it was then that the usually techno-shy Quebec media started to take notice. Over the following seven years, DJ Mini skillfully drew relentless crowds each Thursday to the legendary Parking club (Montreal/Canada), filling up every inch of the dance floor, while rubbing shoulders with the most prestigious special guests. It was during these “Overdose” weekly parties that Mini had the opportunity to spin alongside the likes of Richie Hawtin, Misstress Barbara, Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien, Tiga, John Acquaviva, Boyz Noize, Zombie Nation, David Carretta and Felix DaHousecat, just to name a few. Since then, the Overdose series of events has become a national staple, a collective musical reference within the province of Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Her inklings for collaboration have inspired her to work with various creative outlets including Lesbians on Ecstasy, Ascii DIsko, David Carretta and Nomenklatür; producing and gathering high quality results, while feeding an appetite for circuit-bending workshops, and collecting honours from several specialized Quebec publications. A regular fixture on TOP 10 lists of favourite DJs and event coordinators; DJ Mini has been named the 3rd most important influence having impacted Montreal Nightlife as a whole. Deservingly so, DJ Mini has been a featured artist on a number of festivals, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Francofolies, Igloofest and Piknik Electronik, and in 2011, she will be taking part in the Trans America Festival for a musical and visual arts performance with Martin Tétrault.

DJ Mini’s constant need to diversify her talents has also taken her on quite the fashion journey. The creative force behind multiple custom montages intended for fashion shows (Denis Gagnon, Anormal Couture, Elisa C Rossow, Valérie Dumaine, l’Atelier B), she manipulates sound arrangements while mixing in her own musical productions, thus moulding heady soundscapes and lush atmospheres, not only inspired by the visual feel of the fashion designs, but aiming to stay true to the fashion designer’s artistic vision.

Being the trailblazer that she is, DJ Mini is as passionate about travelling the world as she as about travelling within sounds. Often away on tour, she has had the delicious opportunity to spin her tunes on deck in exotic countries such as Jordan, France (Rex Club, Pulp, Lieu Unique…), Spain (Stardust/Klubber’s Day), even Lebanon (La Suite, Basement, Club 55, Club Electro Mechanique) and way beyond!


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About rhenalt

The uncompromising Dj/producer RHENALT formed Rebel Eye to take more control in an industry that is still fresh in the digital form .Dj/producer Angelo Boom will be recruiting talent to bring the rebellious dance music to the world. Rebel Eye represents house music as a whole. The music will capture the essence of a time when the entire movement or lifestyle was simply called house. Rebel Eye is a label that will bring quality house music with an edge. The name Rebel Eye is all about going against the grain. Doing what your soul sings. Let your subconscious mind be your guide in the creative realm. The essence of Avant-garde expression with the soul of house music. House devotee and leading DJ/Producer Rhenalt proudly commands the wheel of Rebel Eye – his record label and far-reaching movement dedicated to the progression of the music he knows and loves so dearly. The ethos of Rebel Eye is clear – it’s about capturing the essence and atmosphere of House music and the world that surrounds it on a deep and personal level. More than just a focus on releases – the Rebel Eye roster is a batch of unique and rebellious talents that naturally go against the grain of expectation. The label encourages this way of thinking, pushing their artists to explore the depths in music and only do what comes natural. Nothing is forced and this makes Rebel Eye one of the most organic and genuine imprints around. Affiliated with the likes of DJ Pierre and Todd Terry, both Rhenalt and the brand have clearly placed themselves amongst like-minded artists that also feel the vibe of House music on a deeper level.

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