Dyed Soundorom & Shonky B2B



Let’s speak in tech-house. Dyed Soundorom and Shonky played this friday in Belgrade. Since I haven’t been anywhere last weekend I decide to give The Tube another chance. For intro was in charge resident Dejan Milicevic playing alongside Marko Milosavljevic local dj.

This was in my opinion one of the best bookings in the Tube for this part of the season. This time club gave a chance to artist who are not overvalued names and everything worked better than fine. I enjoyed this event very much.



Dyed Soundorom is a guy from France. He is gifted DJ and Producer. He started his career in Paris.  Playing in famous Rex club and Batofar. Soon after that His DJ career was changed from local to global. He played in all famous clubs around the world, as : Fabric in London, Goa in Rome, Panoramabar in Berlin, Warehouse 702 in Tokyo, Studio 80 in Amsterdam . He is resident at DC10 on Ibiza. He works for two labels Freak N’ Chic and Crosstown Rebels.

He often plays with another guy who’s artistic name is  Shonky. Shonky is also guy from France. He is DJ and Producer. Shonky released his first production through label Freak n Chic in 2005.  Shonky is also developing a production partnership with Jennifer Cardini including remixes for labels as : Mobilee, Crosstown Rebels and Microfon.




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