Clubbing 4 New Years Eve


Well, of course when I was younger celebrating  New Year’s Eve was lot of fun. Now days, it’s just one more pain in the ass. Yeah, I know I sound pessimistic and not really full of enthusiasm but  its comes with ages I guess. In Belgrade it used to be lot of  good bookings for NYE , but not any more. There’s lot of events happening in town, but just local djs are playing music and prices are much higher than regular prices. So, it’s often just an ordinary party where One will spend much more money then usual. Couple of  my friends that were in different places  noticed that atmosphere was a bit strange this time. People didn’t look very happy and full of energy. So I guess that I am not the only one who is tired.



I guess this photo is taken in Greece :) )

This time I was going to celebrate New Year with some of my girlfriends from elementary school I don’t see that often. We were at bar Fidel in Strahnjica bana street. Fidel is kind of alternative place with cheep drinks and cocktails. People were not really friendly. It seems that owner and workers at Fidel wanted to kick Us out as soon as They can. But We had good time, cheating, dancing and drinking. On first two floors music was kind of nice. Some pop songs and some Ex Yugoslavian new wave I prefer. I didn’t catch where dj is located so I didn’t make any music wishes.  On lower floor of the bar,  I didn’t know  until than that this space exists, were couple of hipsters eating and just doing nothing. It seemed more than boring. So I was there just to take cookies from Them and I spent time on an upper floor with my friends that were smiling and fun.

I stayed there until 4 h and I went to the Tube. There was Peppe and Oysha   pumping house music. It was crowded. I remember last year was very nice and more fun then this year. Around 6h I went home, change high heels boots to all-stars so I can be ready for after party. Party and after party was held in cafe Ilegala. It’s in down town, in basement of Plato bookshop. It was place where famous club Industry existed back in early 90′s. It was place where all clubbing and Belgrade techno scene started back in the days.  Where famous Serbian Djs as Marko Nastic and Deki Milicevic started Their careers as teens. I was to young to go to that club but this time I had a chance to check it out and see how it looks and feel to be there. The topic of this party was The Past, Present and the Future. Almost all popular Serbian djs played in 48 hours.

Around 6h  it was crowd in a front of a club. Out side was brand new day and not so cold, I mean I was in all-stars which I wear in summer and spring.  I entered and payed 5 euro for the ticket. On a street We couldn’t hear any of music which djs played in Industry. When I entered that famous basement it was like going to time machine. I felt like time has stopped in begging of the 90′s. Space is very underground.

I remember I had a drink on upper panels in cafe Ilegala. But when space  is turned into club with lot of people it looks very different, like old school techno clubs. On the DJ stand where  Marko Milosavljevic and Dejan Milicevic were doing b2b set. They played in spirit of this place very retro techno We don’t have the chance to listen that much now days . I felt very different. But the problem was it was too crowded and there was no oxygen it was like I was in oven. Better was on the upper panels with more oxygen and space to dance. I notice that audience looked different too. It seemed like guys were in the 90s, like They don’t really care  what They wear . They looked very old school in just some ordinary t- shirts not very dressed for New Years party or even for any club. Everybody looked like They are  falling a part but still dancing and enjoying.  The party was awesome in some way. I stayed until 8h, I didn’t have energy to party more. When I went out of Industry lot of people were still standing to get in.



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