Samuel L. Session@ The Tube


 Let’s speak in Techno 

 Let’s dance for Christmas   

Samuel Larson aka Samuel L. Session is  dj and Techno producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. Samuel is active member of techno music scene since 90′s. He realised music for many labels as: Music man , Figure, Soma, Be as One, Klap Klap.  In 1995. Samuel made his own labels, first  Solid Beat and than Cycle. This producer is famous by his dance floor bombs  : In your BoxChek out this I bringVelvet, Can you relate in 2009. He realised new album The man with the case for Be as one label. Also, Samuel is a  remix master. Just  to  note that He did remix for Funk ‘d Void track Diabla and many others.



Christmas time is a time when all real Belgraders went to visit Their mothers, fathers, grandparents in one word families  in province. So the town is half empty or to be more positive half full. It was 6th of  january. Finally, The Tube was not crowded as usual and there was space to breath, smoke , dance and chat with friends. I felt just perfect, which is not that often feeling when it comes to me. I don’t know who did intro, but I am sure Samuel L.  was really awesome booking. First He started playing  some cool danceable tracks. After, around 3 o’clock He started to rise it up, with more stronger and more minimal music. When I came to take my clothes I was still dancing I just couldn’t stop. He did awesome set I recommend Him strongly.




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