The king of Tech House: Terry Francis @ The Tube

Terry Francis is famous British electronic music artist.  He needed 10 years to show the world his talent and make his name in Electronic music scene. Back in 1997. He was pronounced  The best new DJ. Since then His music career changed completely. Soon in 1999. He became the resident of the  club Fabric in London.  With His college Nathan Coles and some other guys He made  Wiggle underground house event. Soon, Wiggle nights become very popular events in London. 

Terry is the guy who literary created tech house as new music gender. He is excellent Dj and music Producer.


Selected discography of Terry Francis:

Freedom EP, 12″ (Hallucination Limited)
Took From Me, 12″ (Surreal)
Architecture Volume 2, CD (Pagan)
Smokey Room EP, 12″ (Pagan)
Dubtown, 12″ (Pagan)
Notice Board, 12″ (Eukahouse)
Architecture, 2×12″ (Pagan)
Maybe / Follow, 12″ (Checkpoint Recordings)
White Widdow / Hello Darling, 12″ (Laus Records)
Strong Woman EP, 12″ (Pagan)
Fabric 02, CD (Fabric (London))
Funky Future, 12″ (London Housing Benefit)
Untitled, 12″ (Groovepleasure)
Strong Woman EP, 12″ (Pagan)
Move Your… / Matin Dansant, 12″ (Groovepleasure)
Waitin’ / Waitin’ To Strip, 12″ (An Alien Recordings)


He is like no other looking for Strong Woman ….. 

It was Friday the 13th. As regular DJ at the Tube mister Terry Francis was playing music like every year. Intro did very nice young local Dj Marko Vukovic who was resident at Energy Club. After Him the British tech house master played. Terry Francis is famous by his mixing skills, sexy electric vocals, strong bass lines and celestial breaks. His sets are never boring I can say that from my personal experience. I will describe Them as: powerful, up lifting, vibrant and dynamic. For Outro old school Dj Lale was in charge. Lale played some awesome music yesterday. Some minimal tracks with touch of old school. The place was full. Half of people stayed until the end of the party. It was really  good party.

Link to Marko Vukovic music profile on SoundCloud:


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