Andreas Agiannitopoulos Feat. T.F- How Does It Feel (h@k Deep Mix)

avatars-000014674717-sz37oo-t200x200Andreas Agiannitopoulos (also known Dj A) is one of the fastest upcoming music producers in Greece.
He has studied keyboards, music technology and started his musical journey 16 years ago. Walkin’ Dope and Ihohroma are the two successful groups which Andreas Agiannitopoulos has created.

From 2001 until today he has many collaborations with most of the known labels in Greece (Gravity records, Plus Rec & Universal, TheSoundOfEverything etc) participating with his own tracks or by remixing / producing for several known artists and groups.

Essential Life is out in stores, released from TheSoundofEverything.
All tracks are written and composed from Andreas Agiannitopoulos. The track “Anazitisi” is included in the Buddha Bar Vol.10 & Art Deco in Style compilations (released 2008). The track “Piano Dream” is included in the Buddha Bar Vol.11 compilation (released 2009). The track “Cause I’m not sorry” included in Cafe Del Mar vol.XVI. In i-tunes and soon in stores. (released 2009)

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