New Realese YULIO “Future Elqui” (Kraftoptical Recordings)



YULIO the first album “Future Elqui” with 9 tracks powerfull electronic experimental music for kraftoptical RecordingsImage


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EDIT 19/NOV/2013 aviable in ITUNES,BEATPORT,JUNODOWNLOD,SPOTIFY and more digital channels


YULIO “Future Elqui” (Kraftoptical Recordings)
TRACK LIST (19 NOV 2013)

1 Yulio “Elqui”
2 Yulio “Paihunao”
3 Yulio “Pisco”
4 Yulio “Rivadavia”
5 Yulio” Montegrande “
6 Yulio “Cochiguaz_”
7 Yulio “La laguna”
8 Yulio ” Banos del toro”
9 Yulio “Paso agua Negra”


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