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Article: Watch a trailer for Scottish coming-of-age rave film, Beats

Watch a trailer for Scottish coming-of-age rave film, Beats

Check out a new trailer for Beats, the upcoming Scottish coming-of-age film executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and directed by Brian Welsh (Black Mirror).

The film takes place in Scotland during the summer of 1994 and tells the story of two friends encountering illegal parties and rave culture for the first time.

Optimo’s JD Twitch has curated a killer soundtrack featuring Plastikman, Phantasia, The Prodigy, Hudson Mohawke, The Golden Filter, LFO, Outlander, Model 500 and more.

Beats opens in UK and Irish cinemas on May 17.

Into Berghain

Through the weekend and sometimes on Mondays, I see tons of people wandering through Friedrichshain and over Warschauer Straße, magnetically drawn to Berghain. And as mythical as the place is, as various are the myths of how to get in. In various European blogs I read absurd guides on how to be let in by Sven and co. One of the most common and wrong tip is that you have to look gay to get in. But there are many more false assumptions about what the doormen of Berghain like and what they don’t.

Funny and unique clarification of the myths out there is this cute guide created by talented illustrator Sophia Halamoda. Let’s check it out.

All illustrations by Sophia Halamoda.

Interview with Nicholas Gunn |Artist Spotlight

Nicholas Gunn is considered one of the most revered instrumentalists of recent times. Born and raised in the UK and a student of the Royal Academy of Music, Gunn has produced and composed over 17 solo albums selling several million copies worldwide. He is originally known for his Southwestern flair which is well represented on his best selling albums The Sacred Fire and The Music of the Grand Canyon. Today, Gunn is exploring new electronic soundscapes for today’s new music industry.

Listen to full interview with Nick Gunn by Artist Spotlight on mixcloud

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