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deadmau5 drops Twitter for SoundCloud


Tweeting might be the ultimate vanity vehicle for Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, but not for Joel Zimmerman, who’s dumped his Twitter into the litter.

The Canadian electronic artist, better known as deadmau5, announced that he has discontinued his Twitter account and will concentrate more on releasing future tracks on Soundcloud, reported Electrojams on Wednesday.

London’s top clubs


Occupying former theatres, railway arches, factories and warehouses, many of London’s major clubs started out as illegal party venues, and Londoners are used to descending into the ancient heart of their city for a big night out. There’s indie, rock, pop and world music in the mix, but it’s all-night dance raves on the weekend that are the lifeblood of these huge spaces.


Something wrong in Ibiza! Paris Hilton’s residency in Amnesia.

Something’s going wrong in Ibiza! Paris Hilton is resident DJane in Amnesia Ibiza!

A million DJs and clubbers fed up with.
Big fail!

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Something’s going wrong in Ibiza! Paris Hilton is resident DJane in Amnesia Ibiza!

A million DJs and clubbers fed up with.
We ask: Who is responsible for this big fail?

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The Spreadshirt elves will find the right custom gift!

No time to look for presents? Let the little elves take over. Just enter a few pieces of information about the lucky person to receive your gift, and the elves will immediately start putting together a few gift ideas – tailor-made for you.

● Check out the Spreadshirt elves for personalized gifts.

Create Personalized Gifts with Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt makes it easy to create stellar personalized gifts for any special holiday or occasion. With over 100 unique custom products to choose from, like custom hoodies or personalized aprons, there are custom gifts for everyone. Simply head over to our make your own t-shirt designer where you can choose a product, upload your own text or design, and select the color and size for your personalized gifts. If you need some inspiration for your gift ideas, check out our Marketplace that contains over 1000 unique designs from our community.

Find Gift Ideas for Everyone

Finding gift ideas can be tough. No one announces what kind of personalized gifts they want for special occasions. And there is always someone who is impossible to buy custom gifts for. That’s why you can find anything in Spreadshirt’s wide assortment of personalized gifts. There are tons of gift ideas for dad, mom, and that geeky cousin who plays too many video games, like some cool custom t-shirts. Whether you’re buying personalized gifts for your spouse or your kids, get inspired with Spreadshirt. And if all else fails, there is always the Spreadshirt gift card, where your loved ones can create their own t-shirt or other custom clothing product themselves.

Personalized Gifts and the Spreadshirt Difference

At Spreadshirt, our excellent customer service, fast delivery options, and high quality t-shirt design techniques ensure that your personalized gifts will last. Designs on your custom gifts won’t crack or fade after multiple washes. When you order your personalized gifts, you can be sure that it will get there in time for your special occasion. Spreadshirt is dedicated to making your gift ideas become a reality, so that your special someone can enjoy the thought that you put into creating unique personalized gifts.

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