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Kramnik – Dark Matters (Album)

Kramnik - Dark Matters (Album)

(LIVE ALBUM) – VIP Download – 130 MB – Available here: (ZIP)

Date: July 2012
Label: Kram Records
Format: CD & Digital

01. Kramnik: ‘Hyksos’
02. Kramnik: ‘Harmuk’
03. Kramnik: ‘Overtone’
04. Kramnik: ‘Viclone’
05. Kramnik: ‘Schirzo’
06. Kramnik: ‘Flex’
07. Kramnik: ‘M1’
08. Kramnik: ‘Mongolium’
09. Kramnik: ‘Dlython’
10. Kramnik: ‘Pangea’

Press Release
Most DJs take years to produce an entire album, but Kramnik has managed to complete his debut album less than 2 years since he started to produce! Quite amazing indeed… Kramnik’s much anticipated album, the culmination of almost two years of hard studio work, has now finished completion in a LIVE hour-long mix. Most DJs don’t ever manage to produce an entire album, let alone have the courage to mix it LIVE. But when an artist is as dedicated as Kramnik, and has a vision and a talent to develop a new sound, the results speak for themselves. Kramnik’s debut album not only demonstrates his ability to produce different types of electronic, ranging from deep to tribal, from techno to progressive, from minimal to experimental but, more importantly, his ability to put them together in a coherent journey.
The music press has been incredibly receptive to Kramnik’s previous releases. said that Kramnik was “Simply unbeatable. A real piece of jewelry that everyone should hear. There is still hope in this thing called electronic.” And iDJ said “…with productions like this, it’s easy to see why Kramnik is so respected.”
With this kind of praise from the international press, who knows what they will say about Kramnik’s full production set… ‘Kramnik’ (ALBUM) will release in the early part of 2012 under Kram Records.

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Fruitroom feat. Sesch – You Make Me Smile (Budai & Vic Remix)


Fruitroom feat. Sesch – You Make Me Smile (Budai & Vic Remix)


Fruitroom has long stopped being an unknown element in the House music scene. In addition to a number of his own tracks – like his biggest success to-date “All This Time” – he has also produced popular remixes, e.g. for the Ibiza DJ legend Miss Luna and the chill-out expert Roberto Sol. Now, Fruitroom is releasing his first track on the Munich-based label Karmaloft: From the very beginning, “You Make Me Smile” holds true to its name. It is impossible to keep your legs still, just as it is impossible to suppress the smile the catchy melody creates on your face. The pleasantly deep voice of SESCH is in perfect harmony with the chilled, yet danceable Fruitroom sound concept. There is definite potential for a true hit in this one.

And the remixes on the single in now way stand back: Fabian Hohlfeld gives “You Make Me Smile” a deep but club-suitable feel, which should have professional DJs as well as their party crowd on alert. At the same time, the hot and happening House duo of Budai & Vic chose a very funky flavour for their remix. And if you like it a bit more relaxed, the “Melancholic Remix” is just right for you. The “smile” message comes through in a deep and very calm way in this track.

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DPI Collection Vol. 14 – Compiled by DJ Ralph Rosenbaum – Releasedate: January, 13 2012

DPI Collection Vol. 14

Lounge & Nu Jazz Grooves with Alice Russell, Pat Appleton, Blank & Jones, HP. Hoeger, Parov Stelar, A Reminiscent Drive, Smoma and more

01. Anna Luca – Desperately Trying
02. Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (featuring TM Juke)
03. A Reminiscent Drive – Ambrosia
04. Smoma – Give Me the Night (Chill Out Version)
05. Bajka – The Landing (Bebo Best Remix)
06. Blank & Jones – Pura Vida (Radio Mix)
07. chris vano & kathrin wagner – White Lounge
08. The Electric & DJ Vadim – I’m All In
09. Lene Riebau – It Feels Better
10. Smoma – Do It Again
11. Lemongrass – Bee (Sunflower Mix)
12. Can 7 – Taking It All Away
13. Parov Stelar – Wake Up Sister
14. HP. Hoeger & Cherlain Mikele ft. Reena Winters – You Are My Joy
15. Green Empathy – Touching Ground
16. Pat Appleton – What’s Next? (Iëlo Mix)
17. Jojo Effect feat. Reiner Winterschladen – Merveilleux (Wonderful Instrumental Edit)

Releasedate: 13.01.2012
Label: Peacelounge Recordings
Format: CD & Digital
Labelcode: 11784
Catalogue No: peal 063
EAN: 4260044591414
Distribution: AL!VE(D,A,CH + Export) Zebralution (digital)

Peacelounge Recordings
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