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I just looove this video. Its Thomas Bangalter from the hit making Daft Punk duo playing his hit record Rolling and Scratching This was an event at.LA’s Cinespace for Busy P’s birthday! Thomas is in the company of the Ed banger crew.The French electro label that had all eyes on them a few years back. Busy P starts of the set with tracks from Mr Oizo and Justice. Thomas comes in towards the end mixing in Rolling and Scatching from the legendary album “Homework” by Daft Punk. You will also see the the late Dj Mehdi helping Busy P and Thomas with some looping techniques. Dj Mehdi’s Signature track its played after Rolling and Scratching. I had to pick up a copy of Mehdi’s track after hearing Thomas mix it ! I really wish i could of seen this live. Electro Madness in full swing.
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