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Salva Stigler – T-shirt (Original Mix)


Salva Stigler is another in a series of excellent Italian producers of modern underground electronic music.
His fascination with this kind of dub techy grooves has developed more than a decade ago, and with his performances Salva managed to tickle the biggest names of electronic music such as Luciano, Marco Carola, Audiofly, Nic Fanciulli, etc.
After a very successful appearance on Baile Premium Mood Series, and EP on Silver Edition, Salva is presenting his first solo LP album.
This time, Salva presents a very modern variant of minimal techno with a touch of house. A clean and groovy minimal techno, simple passes through brakes and great atmosphere. Salva places special emphasis on smoothness and simpilicty.
Retrofuture album is an inherent combination of hard work, everlasting music experience and an exceptional talented.


Rhenalt feat Pilar – Lost My Mind E.P
Remixes by Angleo Boom, Rhenalt, Kev Kruz, Esteban Adame
Release Date : May 24,2014


Lets get lost on the dance floor. Music is our way of life,our religion ,our language, Music is why we exist. House music provides a portal to the next dimension of your soul. Losing your mind is the best way to feel the unique power of HOUSE .
Pilar paints a beautiful picture with her words describing her essence of being lost in abstract rhythms. This tech house track will take you places that your subconscious only knows about.

Kraftoptical New Release @ Snil “Rooftop” EP

About Rooftop EP:

These three tracks were made in a period of time that there was so much thinks on my mind.
Most of them good. A lot of dreams and a lot of ‘i want’ thinks.
But we have moments that we don’t get what we want.

SNIL -bio-

Producer-dj. he lives in greece. his love for music encourage him to start making his own tunes. minimal beats mixing with groovy melodies. he has released several Ep’s under:
VK Minimal Techno Label [AR], Hutman Records [DE], Tiefstaub Records [DE], Kraftoptical Label [ES], Apple Records [US].
he is the drummer of the greek band ‘The Badgers’.he is studying topography.

More info:


link itunes

link beatport


link djshop.de


Link junodownload


Mick Verma – Dreamour EP (VCRD003) – Out now!

VCRD003: Mick Verma – Dreamour EP
Released 3rd December 2011

VCRD003: Mick Verma – Dreamour EP.

DJ & Radio Support From:
Joey Silvero (Distant People) UK, Lewis Ferrier (Stimulated Soul) Netherlands, Joan Ribas (Ibiza Soulstice Music / Café Del Mar) Ibiza , Nadja Lind (Lucidflow) Berlin, Tommy Largo (Lost My Dog ) Netherlands , Torin Rea (West Coast Collective) US, Al Bradley (3AM Recordings) UK, Chris Udoh (Wamdue Kids) US, DJ Nutritious (Brooklyn Shakedown) US

Spacious Radio (WNUR FM Chicago), Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio), John P. (West Radio / Greece), Thomas Pudell (In Control Radio Show / Berlin), Gavyn Mitchell (Ministry Of Sound Radio, UK), Dino Michael (Good Hope FM /South Africa), Anthony Angell (Stereo Sushi Radio / UK), Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica / Ibiza), DJ Nova (Rodon FM / Greece), Brewster Bingham (Kiss FM / Australia), Dance On Red (Red FM / Ireland), Marc Lacasse (Urbnet / UMFM / Canada), Grooveland Radio (Brazil), Tunnel FM (Global), Deep In Radio (Global)

To listen online and for more details please visit:

James Blake – Curbside

Oh man…prolific english producer James Blake takes the word experimental to a whole other level with this new track Curbside. His new EP titled Love What Happened Here, will contain 3 songs. The EP is scheduled to drop on December 11th. Ever since I heard his track CYMK I’ve really been into Blake’s stuff. I especially loved his self-titled debut LP. I didn’t really get a chance to listen to his new album Enough Thunder, but I’m sure that if I did I wouldn’t hate it. Now James Blake seems to be the kind of guy that doesn’t like to focus on one thing only. If you look at his discography you’ll find at least six totally different styles of music, ranging from some piano melody driven tracks to a dubstep cover of a Feist track. Now this new track Curbside just left astonished. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it left me questioning my life decisions. Alright maybe I am going a little overboard. But more seriously, this track seems to have no structure. It starts out with some pretty basic rock type drums and then it leads into some eerie vocals along with what seems to be a kazoo??? This track is definitely not going to please every James Blake  fans out there, especially the ones who jumped on the bandwagon after hearing tracks like The Wilhelm Screams or etc. If I had to compare it to something that he produced in the past, I’d have to say that it resembles a little bit his two-sided record he put out a while back titled Order/Pan which was experimental as well. Now I can’t say that I totally hate this track, but I have to admit that I listened to it at least 6 times before actually enjoying it. So here it is, James Blake’s  new track Curbside. Tell me what you think!

And of course enjoy!

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