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Markus Kovacs- The Secrets of Life|Dj mix| FREE DOWNLOAD

Markus Kovacs is a Techno-Dj from Munich. He started Djing in 1997 on two belt-drive turntables. The „Presswerk Munich“, recordstore, DJ-booking and events, managed his first performances in Germany and Austria under his former artistname „Project2504“. He played on techno-events, like the open air festival in Schwaz (Aut), at the Temple Club (Reactor) Munich „Potempkin Club III“ and the Club „Marrakesch“ at „Kunstpark Ost“ (Munich). Markus Kovacs is an artist, who ist very flexible by the different styles of electronic music. Certainly he likes the powerful and massive techno beats of todays hardcore and dark techno. But it´s also possible that he creates a melodious psy-trance techno set. For him techno isn´t just music. It is art, which is able to surround all your emotions, to lead in a magical way. It´s a part of personality. starting in the 90´s with „love, peace and unity“, the massage of „Love Parade“. After ten years living at Berlin, where he was influenced by the electro-techno styles, he went back to Munich. Now the digital era opened doors and he switched to work with Traktor Scratch. Sometimes to combine vinyls and digital track or to play with different loops on three decks. He´s next back on stage at the Kult-Beat“ event at the „Tante Erna – Optimolwerke“ (Munich) on 09.09.2017

Meet the artist- Markus Kovacs [ Germany

Markus Kovacs

In 1997 he started DJing on two belt-drive turntables. For about 3 years now, Markus let his Technics 1210 turntabels r.i.p…. And switched using Traktor for his Mixes, playing with the S5 and X1-MkII controller.
He likes many styles of electronic music. Creating Techno-Sets is something, which is always in touch with his own emotions. At the moment he mostly

plays dark-, acid- and deep/melodic Techno tracks with the need for bumping kicks and dirty basslines at 132 bpm and rising. Smashing effects or remixed loops floating into the original tracks pushing you forward. It may happen, that melodious beats and tunes are getting crazy or disharmonious by mixing two or more tracks (the over-all image needs to be something seriously special). Techno will find its way to your soul. It will set you in motion, dancing, to get in touch with ourselves and the whole environment at the same time and in that way you like it best.

Here you can listen to his latest techno mixes

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