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Interview with Nicholas Gunn |Artist Spotlight

Nicholas Gunn is considered one of the most revered instrumentalists of recent times. Born and raised in the UK and a student of the Royal Academy of Music, Gunn has produced and composed over 17 solo albums selling several million copies worldwide. He is originally known for his Southwestern flair which is well represented on his best selling albums The Sacred Fire and The Music of the Grand Canyon. Today, Gunn is exploring new electronic soundscapes for today’s new music industry.

Listen to full interview with Nick Gunn by Artist Spotlight on mixcloud

Hipodrome Podcast 015 – Muzikalist b2b Maxi Clash


Here you go! A surprise edition of the Hipodrome Podcast series, a back2back session from Muzikalist and Maxi Clash aka Eugene Efimenko and Maxim Falaleev, two young DJs, musicians and promoters based in Kaliningrad. They forged down a “Guide To The Dark” with more than two hours of acid house and techno.

Download part I / part II

Tell us about your podcast, where and how it was recorded and what should we expect? I know the idea came from Eugene.

E: Actually it was freestyle mix from my & Maxim’s vinyls, we were drinking bear all day long and recorded what we were playing on Maxim’s Stanton T62 and one Pioneer 200 (for unreleased stuff) (hehe)…finally we got a 3 or more hour set, and cut it for you to 2-30 hrs…

Are you making often back 2 backs? Do you prefer more the b2b or solo performance?

E: I love to play solo sets as in this case I can experiment with music. With Maxim I try to play analogue sounding techno music.

M: For me it depends on the mood and the situation.

Going back in time, how did you get the electronic music virus, what’s your musical background?

E: Haaa its was quite a long time ago when I was a “sucker” (haha) . Obsession started at the age of 9 and moved through punk rock and grunge, to hip-hop and funk, and finally to electro and techno, with its fascinating straight rhythm and analog synthesizers grumbling. At that  time I loved old records from 80s with post punk and coldsynths as well as italo-disco, there were loads of great music in the 80s.

M: My love for electronic music started with broken beats, while I was listening to jungle and breakbeat old school. Interest in techno music appeared a little later, when I found out what Tresor label was. It was a love at first sound.

Can you tell us some of your favorite djs/producers/bands and how did they influenced you?

E: Of course, its Mick Wills, Intergalactic Gary, John Heckle, Oira (my friend from Saint Petersburg). Theses guys got a good spirit of the music they play, the music that got energy of time, they know how to do it, they are masters!

M: It’s certainly Cristian Vogel, Tobias Schmidt , Jeff Mills. I used to listen to their music mixed by Russian underground DJs with great interest. At the moment I prefer acid house and electro from Dutch producers, love the sound of iron.

Besides djing you are also organizing parties in Kaliningrad. Please tell us something about Right’On Factory and Not For All Music. Are you both involved in there projects?

E: ROF is our friends community, I think it was 2007 or 2008 when we started making closed parties for our friends in private houses, and at one moment we thought “hey guys, let’s make something interesting for everybody who loves techno music !”And it worked ! We made more than 30 parties, sometimes inviting such guests as Daniell Bell, Katya Ryba, Lluck, Suokas, Oira, Push’n’Pull etc. Oh those were wonderful times, I really miss it…In 2011 Right’On Factory outlives it’s usefulness, and I started my own series of parties  called Not For All Music, successfully combining gigging with creating my own masterpieces, giving preference over the unique sounds of old drum machines and synthesizers.

What is the focus in your parties, what are you trying to promote and did you managed to do this?

E: Of course our parties are focused on music, Maxim prefers acid-house and techno, but not mainstream. I love to play some disco, electro and house music. I think our parties are mostly under the influence of vintage music , as I have said music with spirit of time!

M: We’re trying to make people in our city to go to parties for the music, not for alcohol and girls. Unfortunately this is one of the most important problems – people often go to the gigs just for that – not even knowing the artists out there who are advocating.

I know Eugene had some releases in the past on various labels, mostly minimal house/techno. What about some future plans, regarding this? What about Maxim?

E: Oh yeah , when i started making music it was minimal techno, but everything moves on and now I’m under the influence of synths and vintage drum machines! I always make something new, but still can’t find a label for my music..may be Ii just don’t even try to do that (hahaha lazyfatass).

M: At the moment I don’t write music but certainly understand that this is a great need. Planning to start doing this in the near future.

What do you know about Romania? Do you know some Romanian djs?

E: Oh , i know some guys from RO its Raresh, Rhadoo, and Petre Inspirescu (i think i got one record of him in my bag  ). I think RO is a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes and old buildings…

M: At the moment I don’t remember, but surely I’ve heard some of Romanian djs.

Is there anything else you want to add or to transmit to our followers?

E: We live just once, folks, and we must take a maximum from our life , try to do something good every day , don’t ever stop and love your brothers! Peace love and unity!

M: Love & listen to good Music!

Jay Bliss – Hipodrome Podcast 014


Here we have a very special installment of The Hipodrome Of Music podcast series, featuring a guy that I was hunting for a long time to get it on Hipodrome. Iulian Cazan aka Jay Bliss is one of the persons and djs that had a great influence on my evolution in the electronic music, opening my mind to new musical horizons when moving to Sibiu 8 years ago.

Since then, Iuli has moved from being one of Romania’s youngest dj talents to one of the most respected Romanian producers and djs, with releases on labels like Diynamic, Hudd Traxx, Fear of Flying, All Inn and 20:20 Vision and collaborations with fellow Romania starlets Mihai Popoviciu, Petre Inspirescu and international artist like Och, Markus Homm and Skudge. Also he had shows all around Europe, from UK and Spain to Germany, Holland and Russia.


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