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Beatbird presents the 2nd selection – Out 1st of July

Beatbird Vol. 2

Beatbird Volume 2 features 15 amazing tracks produced by artists like Paul Lomax & Stereo Sushi, Gianni Kosta, Eric Torsen, Paramind, Martin Merida, HP. Hoeger, Across Digital and much more. It will be released 1st of July 2011 and will be distributed through all major digital music download retailers.

Beatbird presents the best Electronic Music streams and free downloads of DJ sets, live mixes as well as legal demo and promotion tracks since 2009. It carefully filters and categorises the sound to offer an outstanding and unique service for listeners of tasty club music.

Beatbird Volume 2 – Tracklisting:
01. Paul Lomax & Stereo Sushi – Airrace (Original Mix)
02. HP. Hoeger & Mr. Saxisfaction – Saxisfied (Frank Martiniq Remix)
03. Eric Torsen – Black Feather (Stivo & Pepe Norman Remix)
04. HP. Hoeger & Sven Jacobsen feat. Mr. Saxisfaction – Hispano In Space (Original Mix)
05. Martin Merida – El Dia (Original Mix)
06. Olaf Rubens – Endless Summer (Goodreef Mix)
07. Gianni Kosta – Into the Night (Club Mix)
08. Extraverse – See You (Benjamin Mark Remix)
09. Paramind – Itch (Original Mix)
10. Paul Lomax, Stereo Sushi & HP. Hoeger – Matter Of Time (Original Mix)
11. Black Bending – Spiders Crossing (Patrick Arbez Remix)
12. Sandra Gold & La Sash – Low Banger (Andrea Di Rocco Remix)
13. Luquex & Brown – Chuggin (Original Mix)
14. Marcelo Vak & Dirk De Groote – Liquid Night (J.Pe Bruna Remix)
15. Across Digital – Through to You (Original Mix)

June, 17 2011 with Beatport
July, 01 2011 with all digital music major retailers


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YouTube – Across Digital – Dolphins Cry (Vocal Mix)

YouTube – Across Digital – Dolphins Cry (Vocal Mix).

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dolphins-cry-ep/id382560143
Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/263563/Dolphins%20Cry%20EP

Across Digital – Dolphins Cry

A single step beyond the door
Hear the dolphins cry
Feel the waves crash home
In this undreamt moment

Caught you in the pale moonlight
Reflecting shadows dancing on the wall
Wrap yourself in memory
Of this undreamt moment

In broken times of days gone by
We try to turn away and hide
But peace does come to those who reside
In this undreamt moment

While gaining your faith in the thick of it
Why lose your way on the battlefield
Dolphins they cry in the midst of it
The wounds of dirty victory never heal

Can you believe
Can you return
Back to the place
Where your lessons be learnt
The undying circle
From you to me
Flowing through time
Undreamt and free

In broken times of days gone by
We try to turn away and hide
But peace does come to those who reside
In this undreamt moment

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