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Meet the artist | BENVOL

Benvol aka Lasha Kuntchulia was born and raised in Georgia, currently based in Tbilisi. In early 2014, he started the project ‘Benvol‘ to focus on the deeper, raw side of techno.

Receiving inspiration from a deep interest for any kind of music, with a special affinity for the early sounds of Acid Techno . As the result, he has released on labels, such as Diffuse Reality, affect records and more. His music can be described as hypnotic synth sounds with monochromatic textures and ambient excursions, and especially as the darker, more powerful variant of Techno.

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Kramnik – Dark Matters (Album)

Kramnik - Dark Matters (Album)

(LIVE ALBUM) – VIP Download – 130 MB – Available here:
http://www.digitdown.com/load/kramnik-dark-matters.zip (ZIP)

Date: July 2012
Label: Kram Records
Format: CD & Digital

01. Kramnik: ‘Hyksos’
02. Kramnik: ‘Harmuk’
03. Kramnik: ‘Overtone’
04. Kramnik: ‘Viclone’
05. Kramnik: ‘Schirzo’
06. Kramnik: ‘Flex’
07. Kramnik: ‘M1’
08. Kramnik: ‘Mongolium’
09. Kramnik: ‘Dlython’
10. Kramnik: ‘Pangea’

Press Release
Most DJs take years to produce an entire album, but Kramnik has managed to complete his debut album less than 2 years since he started to produce! Quite amazing indeed… Kramnik’s much anticipated album, the culmination of almost two years of hard studio work, has now finished completion in a LIVE hour-long mix. Most DJs don’t ever manage to produce an entire album, let alone have the courage to mix it LIVE. But when an artist is as dedicated as Kramnik, and has a vision and a talent to develop a new sound, the results speak for themselves. Kramnik’s debut album not only demonstrates his ability to produce different types of electronic, ranging from deep to tribal, from techno to progressive, from minimal to experimental but, more importantly, his ability to put them together in a coherent journey.
The music press has been incredibly receptive to Kramnik’s previous releases. Klubbers.com said that Kramnik was “Simply unbeatable. A real piece of jewelry that everyone should hear. There is still hope in this thing called electronic.” And iDJ said “…with productions like this, it’s easy to see why Kramnik is so respected.”
With this kind of praise from the international press, who knows what they will say about Kramnik’s full production set… ‘Kramnik’ (ALBUM) will release in the early part of 2012 under Kram Records.


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Moguai feat. Fiora – Oxygen (Original Mix) – Music Video

Moguai and Mau5trap team up to deliver stunning ‘Oxygen’ EP, and ready his forthcoming artist album ‘Mpire’ for January 2012

In the past few months alone Moguai has charted a Beatport No. 1 with his Fatboy Slim collaboration ‘Ya Mama’, featured as a special guest on BBC Radio 1, completed a stunning set of remixes for industry A-listers — Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Underworld, Rye Rye and Robyn — and continues to juggle all of the above with an international touring schedule that’s bursting at the seams. He is, without question, on the form of his career. But just when you assume that no one human being could possibly fathom any more work, he rears his crafty head once again to deliver us a casual Mau5trap release of epic proportions, and the official announcement of his forthcoming artist album on the very same imprint!

Despite the sheer quantity of music that he’s making right now, it remains overtly clear that Moguai does not sacrifice on quality. Oxygen is testament to this. With the breathtaking vocal expertise of Fiora at hand, the style is back to the ‘Mau5trap Moguai’ of old, but with all of the benefits you’d expect from a producer with that many more months studio experience under his belt. Melodic, haunting, deep and spine tingling, the Moguai/Fiora combination is pure bliss for the ears. A more harmoniously delightful and progressive cut than Moguai has created in a while, Oxygen is electronic music the way it should be made. It’s electronic music of the very first order. Set for release on Mau5trap records on 7th November 2011, this might just be the record that skyrockets Moguai to international stardom. It’s that good.

On remix duty this time round we have the pleasure of born and bred Londoner and dubstep extraordinaire, Jacob Plant. Living up to all expectations and more, Plant retains the sensational Fiora vocals, and delivers a loud, gritty, hypersonic interpretation that will knock you for six. It’s got energy, it’s got bass, and it’s got a little touch of humour. Complete with a pounding club mix from Moguai to see things off in style, this remix package is the icing on the proverbial cake for what is yet another stunning release from Moguai and Mau5trap.

And as if that wasn’t enough to take in at once…we can now announce that the two ‘M’s’ will be continuing their special relationship into the new year, as they prepare to deliver Moguai’s stunning artist album ‘Mpire’! With a release date set for January 2012 on the mighty Mau5trap imprint, the hype around this is set to reach fever pitch. We can’t wait!

MOGUAI feat. Fiora – Oxygen (Original Mix)
MOGUAI feat. Fiora – Oxygen (Club Mix)
MOGUAI feat. Fiora – Oxygen (Jacob Plant Remix)

‪HP. Hoeger & Cherlain Mikele feat. Reena Winters – You Are My Joy‬‏ – YouTube

HEAPS030 – HP. Hoeger & Cherlain Mikele feat. Reena Winters – You Are My Joy

Heaps Number 30 is a very special release by our main artist HP. Hoeger who is featured by Cherlain Mikele and Reena Winters. Their collaboration ‘You Are My Joy’ is funky Downtempo sound with catchy and extraordinary vocals and some sweet French Hip Hop flavour. This will deeply touch your heart and your soul!

August, 04 2011 on Beatport
August, 18 2011 on all digital music major retailers

Heaps Website:

Heaps Network:

‪HP. Hoeger & Cherlain Mikele feat. Reena Winters – You Are My Joy‬‏ – YouTube.

HP. Hoeger – So Real (Mehmet Akar Remix)



HEAPS026 – HP. Hoeger – So Real EP
Download: http://bit.ly/lzrgvU

Charted by Hernan Cattaneo.
Support by Nick Warren, DJ Tarkan, Darin Epsilon, Dpen, Gerardo Boscarino and others.

01. HP. Hoeger – So Real (Club Mix)
02. HP. Hoeger – So Real (Mehmet Akar Remix)
03. HP. Hoeger – So Real (Radio Edit)

June, 16 2011 on Beatport
June, 30 2011 on all digital music major retailers

Heaps Website:

Heaps Network:


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