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Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka

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OH MAN! Huge track by producers Dub Phizix and Skeptical. I absolutely love it. The vocals are by Strategy and he’s so dope. I don’t know him but I’m guessing he’s from the UK. His flow/style really reminds me of Foreign Beggars who do the same kind of thing. I love that UK sound with those vocals. Video is really trippy,I find that the concept is original and creative. Check it out tell me what you think! Also if you know a bit more about Strategy please let me know. Cheers!

Kangna – Dr. Zeus

Artist: Dr. Zeus

Album: Unda Da Influence (2003)

Vocals: Master Rakesh

Producer: Dr. Zeus

Rapper: MC Shortie

Genre: Uk Bhangra/Club

My All Time Favourite Punjabi track… made me a mad follower of Uk Bhangra industry!!

This was a worldwide Hit track by Dr. Zeus made him popular all around the world !!

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